Sales Success - First 2 Steps


Making a sale is like accepting what's been coming to you for a long time. If you are really good at sales, you can role through all the steps of the sales process into a single phone call. Although calling to sell is a cold call, that is not what we are discussing here. Everyone has something you need, and if you initiate a new connection in terms of nurturing, you are almost there.

The sales process consists of 4 main steps:
  1. Get in touch with the decision maker
  2. Establish a relationship
  3. Present a useful idea or product that we sell
  4. Close the sale
Steps 1-4 can be accomplished with a single phone call, where by the end of the phone call, you accept payment over the phone or walk clients through an online payment process. You should be prepared for this type of success and have all your data and sales materials ready when you call so that if you can make the sale, you do make the sale.

Step 1: Determine the decision maker.

If nothing else, this should be accomplished with the first call. The decision maker is often the owner, but can be an another person. There can be several owners and if it takes more than one person to make a decision, the only way to make a sale is to get in front of all of them and close the sale in person. In any case, the first step is to determine what person or persons can decide to purchase our services.

Step 2: Establish a relationship with the decision maker.

It is a matter of relating on any level on some subject. This essential with every communication whether it is talking about each others kids, a new restaurant you have both tried or want to try, or some sport you both like, or anything that you have in common with the prospect. You will rarely make a sale on the first call, so at least relate on some level with the prospect every time you communicate. Even if the sale has been made, it is important that you communicate on this level with the client at least once each week.

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