Three Core Strategies on the Web


There are three core strategies for expanding your business on the web.

  • Generating Leads and Traffic: bringing people to your core web presence
  • Conversion: converting website visitors into prospects by opting-in for more information
  • Website Sticky Items: These keep people coming back to your sites time and time again

The social media sites, search engines and your syndicate bring leads to your core web presence. Once they get there, it is important to convert them into prospects immediately, but you will probably never reach a 100% conversion rate. Note that 5-10% visitor opt-in conversion is considered very high. Finally, creating “sticky items” to keep people coming back to your site helps get the missed first time visitors to convert on another visit so that you will have several chances at creating the conversion.

Each of these strategies is interlaced with everything you do online, in person and through every point of contact that makes up your overall brand.

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