What’s Beauty Without Social Graces?


What, you may ask, does social graces have to do with beauty? Let me explain. A person can spend thousands of dollars on diets and fitness clubs, makeup, clothes, and even cosmetic surgery; they can get all dressed up with their hair and nails done perfectly, their clothes coordinated in a color that brings out their beauty, their makeup professionally applied, and look like a million dollars. Then the way they walk, sit, eat, greet people, enter or exit a room, or just stand, they can ruin the impression they wanted to make; or those actions can be done with the grace and confidence that enhances the look they wanted. This makes them the complete package.

Unfortunately with the world the way it is now many people never learn proper etiquette or social graces. They are not taught in schools and unfortunately they are not taught at home either. We have all seen women or men that seem to be comfortable in all social situations. They are noticed not because they make a lot of noise or show off. They are noticed because of their grace, confidence and poise.

Why is it that people will spend a lot of money to look good and attract attention but give no thought to the actions required to make that beauty shine? The answer is they just don’t know what to do. Their friends won’t tell them because they may not know either or if they do know, they don’t want to get in the uncomfortable position of appearing critical to a friend.

In this newsletter I would like to share with you couple of lessons from my e-workbook Mastering Executive Decorum 101. There are many standing and sitting positions for men and women. Today we will cover the formal standing positions and proper way to sit. The complete lesson on Poise and Carriage is available on video for download at GraceLeeInternational.com.

Learn how easy it is to make changes that will do more for your career and social life than any other single thing.

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