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Attention RIAs, CFPs, etc... here's an opportunity to provide a unique and necessary service to your clients. In the world of investments, the Stock Market is king. Still, few financial professionals these days encourage their clients to develop investment portfolios comprised of individual securities. Here's a void that you are uniquely qualified to fill.

(Re)learn the Principles of Investing. Learn how to select high quality stocks for your clients and how to manage their portfolios productively. Learn a new approach to Asset Allocation and performance evaluation... one that is suitable for all portfolios.

Most Registered Investment Advisors and Certified Financial Planners focus all of their attention on mutual funds and other products designed for mass distribution. Stocks and Bonds have been erased from their working vocabulary.

It is estimated that 75% of the professional investment advisors out there, stock brokers included, have little or no experience in selecting individual equities and really have no desire to take the responsibility to do so.

You, on the other hand, are either totally qualified to structure individual security portfolios now, or will be once you've studied the message within the book that you see to your left, which could well be entitled Back to the Investment Portfolio Management Future.

You know that the fund managers can't make the appropriate decisions when either fear or greed take over the decision making of the masses. Yes, of course it is. It's time to go back to your investment roots. Breakout the text for Investments 101... let's get you back into stocks and bonds.

Note. Make sure you understand this basic truth: absolutely anyone can call himself or herself an Investment Advisor, and the vast majority of Investment Advisors only sell Investment Products. You need to become THE Investment Advisor with the right stuff! Jump ahead of the competition. You need to know how to:

  • Select high quality stocks.
  • Properly diversify a portfolio.
  • Find safe, high yielding fixed income securities.
  • Manage a portfolio by the profitability code and not the tax code, etc.

The Brainwashing of the American Investor addresses the Investment Advisor issue with a true story called Girl Meets Boy which played out in early 2000, just before the bubble burst. The gist is that it is your responsibility to do what is right for your clients first, even if it does require a whole lot more work ... and gray matter.

If your goal is to barely survive as an Investment Advisor, resist the change; but if you are destined to thrive as an Investment Advisor, you'll have to do it with Stocks and Bonds.

The stock selection task has been simplified for you, Quality, NYSE Equities, selected at lower prices, with a 10% profit potential within their recent trading range. Have a look here! A new index (The IGVSI), and all the associated breadth, and 52-week high/low data has been developed to track Investment Grade Value Stocks only. Here's an example of the free Investment Grade Value Stock Bargain Monitor.

Create your own Selection Universe. Free introductory offer!

Merritt Information Strategies has developed a spreadsheet program that is now available on a subscription basis.

For more information e-mail Mark at: brainwashed(at) .

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Let Merritt Information Strategies do the baseline calculations that zero in on stocks that are worth considering for your portfolio. They'll do all the behind-the-scenes calculations and each day send you an Excel spreadsheet via email. Just pour yourself a cup of coffee, boot up, and download.

Don’t forget , there are over 2400 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange — of which less than 500 are considered investment grade! A mind boggling selection to sort through each day. Sure, YOU can look up the S& P ratings, P/E ratios, four months of closing prices, industries, percentages down from the 52-week high, dividend yields, previous day’s closing prices, and then — after you take a break to sharpen your pencil — you can calculate the “buy at” prices and then create a watch list. Or WE can do the research and calculations for you.

Merritt Investor's Spreadsheet Free Trial Subscription

The MIS is a straightforward spreadsheet containing the day’s list of high-quality NYSE stocks that meet or exceed Steve Selengut’s investment criteria. All that’s left for you to do is create your watch list, and keep an eye on the changing prices via your broker or an on-line financial website. You decide when and what to buy. You decide when to sell. Free 30-day trial. For the companion book, click the link in the left sidebar. Results are absolutely not guaranteed, but this is a methodology that has been fine-tuned for more than 30 years.
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