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Search Engine Optimization is king, and Social Media Marketing is taking over, so where does the new Multiple Website Marketing, or MWM, fit in? This is not a new approach to web marketing, but we have labeled it and leave it to you to decide if it is for you. It becomes more applicable as you think about each social networking account you have as a mirco site and begin to think in terms of interlinking all of your accounts through a single website. The MWM strategy also offers the ability to test and retest your branding strategies so that you can transfer the best functioning approach in real time to your core web presence.

I love finding solutions to problems that haven't been addressed and then building technology around the solution. Our MWM solution is the 37th product I have built around this type of need and we are looking forward to bringing this concept to everyone, world-wide. Whether you are a new-bee or you are an experienced SEO and Internet marketing expert, this is a concept that anyone can grasp and the benefits to perusing it becomes obvious very quickly! We have several other solutions in development including an Ask the Expert application, where each question becomes its own mini-blog, an affiliate certification process so you don't waste your traffic on programs that don't pay, and a traffic syndication product that allows you to support your friends and their businesses and validate (audit) how much support your friends are providing to you and others in your syndicate.

The value of the MWM concept is creating valuable links between your core web presence, your social networking and social media accounts, your micro sites and blogs. It's all about relevance and as you build your interlinked connections between your sites, you will quickly find the number that reflects your relevance. Google became relevant through link counting, weighed against keyword searches - they were the first to get an Internet search engine to work and still use link counting to weigh relevance. Get on board to become part of this next generation concept that you can use with SEO and SMM.

We have come up with a hosted solution where you can leave your domain names on sites like GoDaddy and NameSecure and host with us at a much lower cost. Instead of $7-30 per month in hosting charges, you can keep your costs down to less than $1 per domain name. Also, taking your blogs and placing them under your own domain name weighs heavier by search engines, so this is a much better solution to standard blogging, and since you own the domain names, and you can demonstrate traffic through our reporting system, every site becomes an asset that you can either resell at a profit or use as a traffic generator for your syndicate or associates.

MWM is not a new concept, but it is something that the experts don't focus on or promote as the powerful marketing technique that it is. Many don't even think of it as Multiple Website Marketing and don't talk about it at all, but it is the most powerful technique on the web today to build relevance and traffic. If you have a 20 page website and convert it into 20 websites, interlinking them can turn out up to 400 interlinked connections, which weighs much heavier than a single website with 20 pages. And when you interlink these sites with your social networking and social media, then you have real power and relevance.

Please visit our newest website and check out some of the valuable information on this site. We have some of the latest research available on building traffic and relevance and how to dominate the web with your content. Content is king and is a very valuable asset that you can use to generate traffic, sales and fans that provide a viral effect to your marketing efforts. Don't miss your chance to place yourself in the path of opportunity. Success doesn't just happen... it's a matter of planning, branding and using the latest strategies that can build a long-term viable income to build real economic growth - quality of life!

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