Google Docs - Spreadsheet Enhancement - Default Formatting

Beta testing for Google Docs is easy for me since I use the system all the time anyway. Here is a recent enhancement request I made to Google as one of their beta testers. As a usability expert, I always promote the idea that less clicks to get a task done is better, and when there is a universal issue at hand that can easily be implemented to affect less clicks, it should be added to a future upgrade.

I generally share this type of instruction privately to our team of developers, but I thought this one was worthy of publishing because it involves an issue that I consider part of "Usability 101" - these are things that can be handled as default settings.

Thank you so much for the great work on Google Docs and keeping me on board as one of your Beta testers. I continue to recommend Google Docs to business owners, students and people in general frequently and find the platform continues to grow into a much better system as each new feature is released! Here is another feature recommendation.

re: Usability Enhancement Request for Google Docs Spreadsheet.

It would be nice to set a default for the formatting of every cell, or at least have it retain the format per cell that I have already set when I delete data from a cell. DELETE currently clears the formatting - not just the data. There is currently no way to set the DEFAULT FORMATTING.

Example: I format a cell to CENTERED, enter some data, and the data is CENTERED. Good so far.... Then I click the DELETE key on my keyboard to set a new value and the system formats my data to the LEFT. LEFT is the current DEFAULT.

It's not a major issue because there are plenty of "workarounds", but it makes sense to NOT clear the formatting when someone just wants to clear the data. The other solution is to allow users to set a DEFAULT format for every cell that is recognized when a user clicks DELETE. 99% of the time, I want my cells centered, so with the current functionality, keeping my cells centered significantly the number of clicks it takes to get the job done.

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