What Do The Top 100 Newspaper Business Editors Have In Common, Besides Arrogance

Perhaps a better question would be: "Who owns the business media"?

The past 4.5 years have provided significant investment opportunities in both the equity and fixed income markets, but very few Wall Street institutions have been able to take advantage of them. The business press offers nothing new, or old, that would help investors escape the boom or bust performance rut that they have been in since the "Dot Com Bubble" burst nearly a dozen years ago.

But the solutions have always been out there, and they still are.

Last week, I forwarded the Investment Grade Value Stock Index and Working Capital Model Select Income Index vs. the S & P 500 chart and explanation (http://kiawahgolfinvestmentseminars.net/Inv/index.cfm/18969) to the top 100 Business Editors in the country, all over the country.

From the Akron Beacon Journal to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, not one of these business editorial luminaries had the decency to reply --- not even with a spam complaint. Now if I had been CEO of Goldman, or a Harvard economist, would they have raised an eyebrow? Peter Lynch has probably been forgotton by now, but a few of the older editors might have depressed the "open" button.

Not one reply, no phone calls, not one person accepted my Linked In invitation or joined my mailing list. Am I really that scary or are they just afraid to do their jobs? Would they be fired if they said: "Hmmm, using this Working Capital Model thingee instead of Modern Portfolio Theory may have prevented (or at least tempered the impact of) the recent financial crisis".

Should the country's biggest newspaper business editors be interested in a better way to manage investment portfolios than mutual funds or Modern Portfolio Theory speculations? Should they care about an old approach to investing that actually takes advantage of the market cycle? Should they be weary (wary?) of promulgating the same old and tired Wall Street advice that always seems to take investors in the wrong direction. Yeah, they should.

So are you as appalled about this as I am? Most of you have studied Market Cycle Investment Management and many of you have been using it for years. All of you have been reading about it to a certain extent, and some have attended webinars that explain both the process and the results it can be expected to produce..

How are investors to learn about effective approaches to the financial markets if the media has no interest? So here's a call to action for all of you, whether or not you are as ticked off as I am. Let's Occupy The Wall Street Controlled Business Media!

Send an email, write a letter, send a fax, make a phone call, go to their websites and complain.

Here's the information you will need to make the "occupation" a success:


Steve Selengut
Author: "The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book That Wall Street Does Not Want YOU To Read"
Original Article: http://kiawahgolfinvestmentseminars.net/Inv/index.cfm/18969

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