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FEATURED: Retirement Income Investment Planning - Defined Contribution plans are just not retirement plans --- even if your employee benefits department, the media, Wall Street, and Uncle assure you that they are. Most plans are difficult to self-manage with a retirement income objective. Still, these benefit plans are necessary and quite capable of taking you close to where you want to be.

Thinker 1 Weight Loss
  1. Calorie Counter - Determining Your Daily Calorie Needs - We burn calories every minute of every day, whether we are sleeping, laying on the couch, sitting in a chair or exercising. When it comes to weight loss or gain, there is no guess work - it is an exact science!
  1. iShares and ETFs: Speculation To The 3rd Power - So, in addition to the normal risks associated with investing in general, we add: speculating in narrowly focused sectors, guessing on the prospects of unproven small cap companies, experimenting with securities in single countries, rolling the dice on commodities, and hoping for the eventual success of new technologies.
  1. Seven Principles For Long Term Investment Success - Establish a profit-taking target for every security you purchase. Avoid Unrealized Gains, Embrace Volatility, Increase Annual Income, and remember that all key investment moments are only visible in rear view mirrors. Keep in mind that you need Income to pay the bills, and examine Market Value numbers at intelligent intervals.
Thinker 2 Love
  1. Why Having Interracial Relationship is Beneficial - There are so many types of relationships for dating singles be it professionals and non professionals, but interracial marriages is become common because there are so many benefits attached to it despite the barriers. Let your culture or religion deny you happiness with many failed relationship or marriages try interracial relationship for freshness and fulfillment
  2. Caveat Employer: The DOL is Coming! The DOL is Coming! - Generous employers give their employees money to invest along with their own, and the feds want them to guarantee that plan participants won't lose money... in the stock market! The regulators are missing the point, and a great opportunity to actually fix what is really wrong deep inside the 401k space. No one in the 401k business cares a lick about the retirement income benefits the plans could provide to employers and employees alike…
  1. Wall Street Wisdom vs. Market Cycle Investment Management - Corrections are as much a part of the normal Market Cycle as rallies, and they can be brought about by either bad news or good news. Investors always over-analyze when prices become weak and over-indulge when prices are high, thus perpetuating the buy high, sell low Wall Street lunacy.
Thinker 3 Investment
  1. Asset Allocation Based Performance Analysis - One - It matters not what lines, numbers, indices, or gurus you worship, you just can't know where the stock market is going or when it will change direction. Too much investor time and analytical effort is wasted trying to predict course corrections… even more is squandered comparing portfolio Market Values with a handful of unrelated indices and averages.
  2. The Art of Investing: Working Capital Model based Asset Allocation - This method of looking at things will get you where you want to be without the hype that Wall Street uses to create unproductive transactions, foolish speculations, and incurable dissatisfaction. It provides a valid use for portfolio Market Value, but far from the judgmental nature Wall Street would like. It's use in this model, as both an expectation clarifier and an action indicator for the portfolio manager on a personal level, should illuminate your light bulb.
  1. What Do The Top 100 Newspaper Business Editors Have In Common, Besides Arrogance - Should the country's biggest newspaper business editors be interested in a better way to manage investment portfolios than mutual funds or Modern Portfolio Theory speculations about the future? Should they care about an old approach to investing that actually takes advantage of the market cycle? Should they be tired of promulgating the same old and tired Wall Street advice that always seems to take investors in the wrong direction. Yeah, they should.
Thinker 4 Marketing
  1. Cloud CRM University - QuoteWerks - QuoteWerks is specialized software used in every industry for creating sales quotes and proposals.
  2. Online Marketing Company Helps Online Businesses - It is very difficult task to finding a perfect and result oriented online marketing company in Dubai and all across UAE. But if you find a best SEO company in Dubai like Dubai Monsters your all marketing work done by this Agency.
  1. Corporate Income Tax Reform - Seriously - The investor's eye view of politics is a simplistic, practical, dot-connecting approach to sorting things out so that win/win change can be considered. Real world politics is not concerned with such things, and that is one of the most serious problems facing investors today.
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