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1. Bookmarks: 3 Wakan Cangleska: (Sacred Hoop) Part 1 This was originally a five page academic/ research essay I did a few months back for my Expository Writing class at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. The theme for the class was Native American issues. The topic is the circle, hoop, or wheel and it's role in Native American society, both as spiritual and physical manifestations.
2. Bookmarks: 0 You are Magic A reminder of who you are and what you are capable of, even though for a moment- you forgot you are magical.
3. Bookmarks: 22 What To DO When You Don't Know What To Do NEXT? In the course of building your business, there are times where you may not actually be sure of what next steps to take or even what questions to ask. I help entrepreneurs with business development and small business funding support and coaching and these are the very questions I hear from clients during our first meeting.
4. Bookmarks: 0 Something About Habits Habits determine our future as well as the most important decisions. We should not forget to dedicate to habits the attention they deserve.
5. Bookmarks: 0 How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Money There is a science to manifesting money that is quite different from manifesting other things. You can unlock your previous misconceptions aobut money and begin to experience a money flow rapidly.
6. Bookmarks: 15 When Does Your Belief Become The Truth? Ever wondered why some people turn anything they touch into gold; while other people fail even before they attempt something?Most people would simply call it luck; perhaps saying, “you’re just lucky.” And if they weren’t pleased with the outcome, it’s a “bummer.” You might hear, “well, try another time and it may work out.”What do these statements tell us? They carry hints into the beliefs behind our thoughts. Obviously, it is presumed that we ha...
7. Bookmarks: 0 Think Success And You Will Have Success The universe will give you health, if you learn to think in terms of health, not illness. You will have success if you think in terms of success, not failure. Everything you think about repeatedly will manifest one day or another. So why not think of what you want, instead of what you don’t want? In either way you will get what you asked for! So ask for good things by thinking of good things.
8. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – 3 Keys to Unlock Your Reality Mystics know that out of the darkest moments comes the most light. Out of ugly comes beauty, out of hardness comes softness. Love it all, observe it all because it is all linked. One cannot exist without the others.
9. Bookmarks: 0 Prosperity & Abundance: Being Willing To Recieve Fantasizing about great wealth is a frequent pastime for many of us. How wonderful it would be not to worry about paying bills, to be able to buy whatever we want, and have the freedom to travel as often as we'd like. It's a lovely fantasy, but how accurate is it, really?One mistake most of us make is believing that money will solve all of our problems, and our lives will become smooth and serene. Not true! Having more money might help ease certain struggles, but it will ...
10. Bookmarks: 0 Marketing Strategies: 3 Simple Steps To Creating Your Ideal Income Are you interested in creating your ideal income this year? Are you tired of waiting for things to get better? Are you feeling like you have so much more potential than you are currently using?Imagine for a moment reaching your ideal income this year. What would that look like and feel like? What would you be able to do that you can’t do now?Ask yourself what are the things you need to be doing right now to manifest that? Do you need to find a way to raise your motiva...
11. Bookmarks: 0 Early Menopause Symptoms When a woman experiences menopause before the age of 40 it is termed perimenopause or early menopause. Early menopause symptoms are the same as those of normal menopause. Early menopause symptoms manifest themselves in the form of brittle bones, mood changes, heart disease and other problems.Early menopause symptoms are seen more in women who smoke regularly and those who have never conceived. Such women are more prone to heart attacks and an increased cholesterol level. ...
12. Bookmarks: 23 Mabye It's Time For An Acne Diet If you've ever had acne, then you must know how traumatic this affliction must be if left unattended. And because this nuisance manifest in our appearance, it can erode confidence in some folks.But make no mistake about it, the occurrence of acne is not rare phenomenon, so when its strikes, you must stop it by all means possible, and thankfully, with the awesome resource at our disposal can enable us strive for an acne free skin.Although the correct skin care regimen ...
13. Bookmarks: 24 Why Corporate Identity is a Very Powerful Communication Branding Tool The world of business is a very competitive one with each executive competing with the other to get the best of sales, profits and customers for their business. This means that all businesses interested in becoming successful have to concentrate in developing their corporate image and identity to improve in their business. Corporate identity is actually the image or identity by which the business wants to be perceived by their customers or the physical manifestation of the brand.
14. Bookmarks: 7 Learning About Health In The Garden Healthy Plants don't get disease. The same goes for the Human Body.Healthy soil feeds the plants. Just like the body, if the plants get the right nutrients, they will be able to fight off any disease.When you treat a disease with a chemical, you may kill the disease, but the underlying condition that created the weakness, allowing the disease, is most likely still present. It will just manifest itself as another disease or symptom.When you create health through nu...
15. Bookmarks: 0 How to Lower your blood pressure quickly In most cases, the secondary diseases that follow the high blood pressure manifest long time after the hypertension and it's symptoms appear. To provide a treatment for hypertension and to lower blood pressure quickly it is significant to discover it's existence in the beginning phase, before it can generate extremely bad harms to the other organs in the body.
16. Bookmarks: 5 Everything You Need To Know About Kinesiology The word ‘Kinesis’ in Greek means movement and Kinesiology studies the relationship between the quality of muscular movement and overall health. Kinesiology deals with methods of maintaining good health through proper functioning and movement of all the muscles in the body.This system operates under the belief that each part of the body is connected to a corresponding muscle. If a muscle is not working properly, associated parts will be affected and this manifests as a di...
17. Bookmarks: 3 8 Steps For Coping With And Healing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Attention deficit disorder is a serious disorder and it is not going away. It causes depression, inattentiveness, relationship and behavorial problems, deviant behavior (crime), can lead to drug abuse, alcoholism and even suicide. To better understand this disorder and correct it there are 8 steps we must follow:1. Education. ADD can manifest itself in several different ways all depending upon the areas of the brain affected. Basically, ADD is caused by abnormalities in t...
18. Bookmarks: 0 Conquer Your Fear! Learn To Be Confident In Public Speech In public speaking, fear maybe viewed as negative leading to ineffective communication. This is the tendency if you predict bad situations. Fear can be easily seen through physical manifestations: hands cold and clammy, rumbling speech, slouching and unwanted movements. In public speaking, fear comes from the “fear of the unknown.” Most people are afraid of not being liked, offending someone, forgetting everything, of stumbling and falling or ruining the effort. But f...
19. Bookmarks: 0 The Origin And History Of Hypnosis Hypnosis or hypnotism is a psychological phenomenon of exceeding interest to both layman and scientist. Its history is as old as that of the human race, and it has been utilized by the most primitive of peoples, ancient and modern, in the practice of religious and medical rites to intensify belief in mysticism and magic. The striking character of this psychological manifestation, its inexplicable and bewildering phenomenology, and the seemingly miraculous results it produces....
20. Bookmarks: 0 The Manifesting Mindset for self improvement. For years we have been exposed to self help and motivational instruction that focuses heavily on the physical world.For some this has been highly effective while for others this hasn’t always been the case.
21. Bookmarks: 0 Small Changes = Big Rewards From the minute we are born our brains are being programmed by adults, don’t do that, don’t do this, that’s right, that’s wrong, the list goes on. Parents all over the world programming their children’s minds with what they believe is right. Like a computer the information is stored in the memory and is repeated day in day out, over and over again. Once programmed it is sometimes hard to change our life we consider normal.
22. Bookmarks: 0 Organize the thoughts in your head article about self help and the manifestation of life
23. Bookmarks: 0 Opening to Your Life Insights Everyone has the capabilities to grow and evolve spiritually. Once you are on this path you will experience life differently. You won’t be looking for others to make your life better; you will understand that it is up to you. You decide weather to be happy or not.
24. Bookmarks: 0 Manifestation is a powerful tool for personal growth Manifestation is the results of your thoughts. Sounds simple if you are already a manifestation student but do you really believe it and live by it.What we focus on expands, so what are you manifesting?
25. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Life It’s time to stop and smell the roses. It’s time to learn to take charge of your life and start realizing the future that you want instead of the one you have.“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.Take Action Today !
26. Bookmarks: 0 Fears and Phobias Charles F. Haanel defines fear as “…a powerful form of thought.” I think it is a very good definition, because mostly fear is in our minds. Phobia is abnormal fear. We are often afraid of things which we have no reason to be afraid of. This is because most of the fears and phobias are only the creations of our minds.
27. Bookmarks: 0 Don't Blame The Reflection Getting healthier, getting happier, getting rid of chronic illness and how to be to have a better life and how to be more satisfied. We have this innate ability to manifest whatever it is that we need to have.Whether it’s anyone of the things above or whatever your own spin might be on it. It’s right there. It says something about the person themselves when you ask that type of question. It says that you are tired of the way things are and that you want somet...
28. Bookmarks: 0 Are you struggling in life ? article about self help and the manifestation of life
29. Bookmarks: 0 3 Steps To Manifestation The Personal Development Way Thoughts become Things! Anyone who studies personal development knows this is true but how many know the three ingredients that guarantee you Manifest your desires?
30. Bookmarks: 1 Unlocking Your Success: Finding Your Passion I bet that you can't tell me that Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.” That statement is very true, for there has never, in the history of humanity, been any discovery, innovation, or creation that was not first a spark of passion, curiosity, or devotion. Truly, the manifestation and realization of such discoveries, creations, and innovations is nothing more than the mastery of th...
31. Bookmarks: 0 Personal Power All of us would love to have personal power – the power to manifest our dreams, the power to remain calm and loving in the face of fear, the power to stay centered in ourselves in the face of attack.Our society often confuses personal power - “power within” - with “power over,” which is about controlling others. There is a vast difference between personal power and control.
32. Bookmarks: 4 How to Manifest Dreams We all have dreams and would like to manifest our dreams. The problem is we have given up on them because we think it's too difficult. The truth is, once you learn the natural laws of success, you'll discover it's not difficult at all.
33. Bookmarks: 3 Great Shift of Consciousness - The Passion Great shift of consciousness. Where does our passion lay, and how it effects free choice in manifesting reality.
34. Bookmarks: 3 Reality Exposed You may start to notice the ways that your mind and body are interrelated and how your thoughts affect your body. For example, a lifetime of negative thinking may manifest in a body that is in worse shape than the body of someone who always maintains a sunny outlook on life.
35. Bookmarks: 0 New Age Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 8 ) According to the Sankhya philosophy,nature is composed of three forces called, in Sanskrit, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These as manifested in the physical world are what we may call equilibrium, activity, and inertness. Tamas is typified as darkness or inactivity; Rajas is activity, expressed as attraction or repulsion; and Sattva is the equilibrium of the two.In every man there are these three forces. Sometimes Tamas prevails. We become lazy, we cannot move, we are inacti...
36. Bookmarks: 0 Age New Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 75 ) There is to be found in every religion the manifestation of this struggle towards freedom. It is the groundwork of all morality,of unselfishness, which means getting rid of the idea that men are the same as their little body. When we see a man doing good work, helping others, it means that he cannot be confined within the limited circle of me and mine.There is no limit to this getting out of selfishness. All the great systems of ethics preach absolute unselfishness as t...
37. Bookmarks: 0 Trusting Abundance How do we trust enough to trust abundance? It’s a koan or at least a dilemma. A few nights ago, a friend shared how he recently worked with his fears and limiting beliefs around money, trust, and abundance.For six years he had been “at a loss”—literally, unable to figure out why he was living in poverty while everyone around him seemed to manifest abundance so easily. A few weeks ago, he decided to stop asking why and started to simply “walk the walk” of abunda...
38. Bookmarks: 0 Manifesting Our Inner Potential Self Limiting ElephantsElephants born in captivity are restrained by a chain that attaches one leg to a metal spike driven into the ground. This prevents them from roaming. They become accustomed to the fact that, as long as the chain and spike are next to them, they are unable to move.As they grow older, their minds become programmed. When they see the spike and chain, they believe and accept that they will not be able to move. They become so conditioned that when ...
39. Bookmarks: 4 Manifestation is Absolutely Real The process of manifestation has existed since the dawn of humankind. Its power is absolute, and if you learn to manifest properly, all you desire is yours to receive.
40. Bookmarks: 0 How To Manifest Miracles Now! Would you like to learn how to manifest miracles? You are about to discover the secret to manifesting anything you desire. This article will help you understand the fact that you are a miracle maker.
41. Bookmarks: 0 Create Win/win Outcomes And Relationships Q. What happens when we go through life looking only at what’s in it for us? We get selfish, we get greedy, and we get dependent on getting more of the same. The result? Our lives become attached to this way of being, often to the degree that we manifest a blatant disregard for others and our relationships. In turn, we become blinkered to the destructive nature of our actions and give rise to provocation and resentment. The solution? To create an outcome that ensures a wi...
42. Bookmarks: 0 Assist the Universe In Manifesting Your Desires Even though we sometimes feel like we understand all the concepts of manifesting, it just doesn't seem to be working. How can I assist the Universe in making it happen?
43. Bookmarks: 0 Are you truly living the life you want to live? This article explains manifestation and the law of abundance. It describes how you have the power to manifest whatever you desire.
44. Bookmarks: 2 Healing The Body With Light The human body is in essence a body of light, which was created first by God's divine intention which created the soul. The soul's divine intention to enter the world of physical form created the passageway through which God's light could manifest the miracle of conception and birth.All of life is a miracle, and each precious soul you encounter is living proof of God's great love, which created the manifest and un-manifest universes. All possibilities and probabilities ex...
45. Bookmarks: 0 Spiritual Longing And The Path Of Forgiveness God’s heart exists within your own heart, and as you travel along the pathways of spiritual life, your own divine nature begins to emerge and awaken. As your spiritual essence becomes more manifest, your heart begins to awaken and to seek the way Home.A heart that longs for love, and that longs to find the way home to God, opens a pathway of light from the human, embodied self to the soul that exists eternally in the realms of spirit. This important connection creates a f...
46. Bookmarks: 0 How do stress balls work? Stress is an inescapable fact our lives and can manifest itself regardless of one’s age, gender, or lifestyle. It affects our rational thinking capabilities and prevents us from enjoying our natural disposition, which is to be happy.
47. Bookmarks: 0 3 Powerful Tips To Help Manage Everyday Stress Often times stress will manifest when we carry over yesterday’s concerns into our present day concerns. An accumulation will almost always end up in a high stress level. Therefore, we must be able to “dump” all of our concerns from the previous day or days and concentrate wholly on our today.So here are 3 stress busting tips - Stress Busting Tip #1 Resolve right now to release every thought from yesterday and be only mindful of the now…. this thought only...this b...
48. Bookmarks: 0 Manifest Money – 3 Secrets That Will Change Your Mind You can manifest more money by making a study of these three powerful principles.. As you take the time to contemplate on them you will find your outlook on money does change. Manifesting money is a state of new creative thinking with specific manifesting techniques
49. Bookmarks: 1 The Power of Positive Thought Is it possible that the world’s greatest achievers think completely differently from the majority?
50. Bookmarks: 0 Simple positive self talk Positive self talk is not as hard as you think it is. Read more
51. Bookmarks: 0 Seeds of Financial Success, Harnessing the Power of the Mind Use the power of your mind to achieve your goals and desires. Develop a manifesting mindset to transform your desires into physical reality.
52. Bookmarks: 0 Personal Development Tips For Manifestation Thoughts create things so why can't you create the life you want? Its because you don't know these three simple steps to success in your manifestations!
53. Bookmarks: 0 Mumbo Jumbo or Can You Really Control Your Life’s Path It is now quite clear in my own mind that olympic athletes, professional sportsmen, successful businessmen and the like would not have achieved this exceptionally high level of success without the right frame of mind and dreams of reaching the ultimate goal.
54. Bookmarks: 0 Manifestation - Your Gateway to the Life You Want Harness the powerful and incredible techniques of Manifestation, to create anything you desire – it’s the gateway to the life you want. Draw success, prosperity and personal fulfilment to yourself.
55. Bookmarks: 0 Increasing Prosperity With Positive Thinking Increasing prosperity in our lives can be accomplished by having the right frame of mind. The truth is, our thoughts are very powerful. They are capable of influencing every aspect of our daily lives, from our physical health to our social behaviors. I'm sure you've heard the adage, As you think, so shall you be.If we want to improve our lives, we must first improve our thoughts. Harnessing the power of thought in a positive way has the ability to create great change in...
56. Bookmarks: 0 How to turn negative into positive thoughts article about self help and the manifestation of life
57. Bookmarks: 0 How to start to achieve your goals Article about how to start with mind setting
58. Bookmarks: 0 Have Your Cake and Eat it Too – Triumphing over Mediocrity Rise above mediocrity by developing a manifesting mindset to get what you want. Use the power within you to achieve your goals and desires.
59. Bookmarks: 1 Five Steps To Success In Everything You Do To realize any dream you want, follow these five steps or conditions : you need a strong desire, a clear positive goal (written down), a strong belief in yourself, a positive thinking pattern and consistency. With these five ingredients you manifest any of your dreams!
60. Bookmarks: 0 Cosmic Ordering - The Power of Positive Thinking If you have found your way to read this article, something within you has been triggered consciously or otherwise to seek a path which you can take to change your life in a positive way forever.
61. Bookmarks: 0 Broke? Fix It Yourself: BE Wealthy If you’re reading this right now you probably have been broke, are broke, or know someone who is struggling with being broke. The pain and suffering of being in this state is truly awful. Being broke causes thoughts of despair, feelings of failure, desperation, struggle, lack and need. Being broke prevents us from reaching our potential, from living our lives freely. Being broke prevents us from being wealthy.
62. Bookmarks: 0 Why Are You Not Achieving Your Goals Successfully? Have you ever created a goal and got frustrated because of it? Have you ever set a goal and quit before you got it? You need to know the powerful strategies of “successful goals” to ensure your goal manifests successfully.
63. Bookmarks: 10 Create The Think And Grow Rich Manifestation Riches are our target. When studying the ways to improve your earning and personal financial potential, the focus has to been confined, exclusively, to the instruction of how to transmute the definite purpose of desire for money into its monetary equivalent.This treatise is a Manifestation Manual for money, and while it is true, there is more to manifest than money, we unashamedly adopt as our study, our pursuit, and the education we give to worthy students coming up the ...
64. Bookmarks: 3 Success on Purpose! We are always living – seems obvious but many people seem to go through most of their life on autopilot. Sure they have hopes and dreams, they have ideas and plans, yet few actually achieve them.
65. Bookmarks: 0 The Law of Attraction and the News I’ve read a very good book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini. I started reading the book because of my interest in marketing, but in the chapter “Social Proof” I’ve found something very interesting connected with manifestation and the law of attraction.
66. Bookmarks: 0 Why The Law Of Attraction Really Works Whatever thing you do or whatever business you are running you might be heard about The Law of Attraction. That law simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about(consciously or sometimes unconsciously). Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. The masters of this law say that if you study how to use it in a good way you'll never need anything in life.Before I try to explain in details how The Law of Attraction works, who use it and why lo...
67. Bookmarks: 0 Why is The Law of Attraction so Hard to Apply? The lower your frequency the harder it is for you to actually attract what you want. The law of attraction will simply keep you at the same level where you presently are. There are many ancient practices that can help in shifting a persons over all frequency to astonishingly higher levels very easy and in a matter of minutes.
68. Bookmarks: 0 Where To Start With Law Of Attraction If you're just learning about the Law of Attraction and wondering where to start, or if you're not seeing results and want to start over, I'd like to share a few tips on what I believe to be the best ways to get started:1) Choosing more positive thoughts.Negative thinking is very much a habit, and it's one that has the power to control your life in frightening ways! Before you can change your outer circumstances, you need to learn how to choose better thoughts. Tak...
69. Bookmarks: 0 Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Desires There is all the hype these days about the Law of Attraction and the process of manifesting your desires into your life. Basically the key to this law is that you will manifest whatever you desire. There are several contingencies that come into play when you want to manifest your desire. First you must be very clear about what you want. Your desire should be written out, for in writing it you will be able to be more specific and as you write you will get more clarity. If for ...
70. Bookmarks: 0 Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Outstanding Results How joyful could you allow yourself to be? How much more magical could your application of the law of attraction be? Read on to learn more.
71. Bookmarks: 0 Thought as a Vibration Toward Manifestation - Law of Attraction Classics: WW Atkinson What do you know about the forces which make the Law of Attraction work? W.W. Atkinson wrote in the early 1900's about this exact point - and explains what you should know to really put the Law of Attraction to work in your life. Need more money, better health, greater personal power? Read on...
72. Bookmarks: 0 Thoughts Become Things We are where we are, because of our thoughts in the past. Thoughts become things. We consciously or subconsciously always think about something. The problem is that we usually think more about things we don’t want, than about the things we want. It doesn’t matter if we want or don’t want something, we’ll get what we mostly think about.
73. Bookmarks: 0 The Secret to Getting What You Want The outside world should never influence your inner world. Because you do not have the full understanding of how the law of attraction works or the nature of your thoughts you continue to create again and again the old conditions.
74. Bookmarks: 0 The Science of Manifesting Money Faster There are many ancient ways of expanding your state of being to fuel money rapidly into your life. It is miraculous in its results if you would remain open minded.
75. Bookmarks: 0 The Power Of Appreciation - An Essential Life Ingredient Many people are unaware of the power contained within us to harness a unique force known as the power of appreciation. The power of appreciation enables us to channel our inner most thoughts to overcome any obstacle in our way. We can unleash the power of appreciation so that our lives are free of fear, worry and anxiety. Our lives will become satisfying and the rewards we seek will be manifested and we will start to enjoy every moment of our existence.Are you getting exc...
76. Bookmarks: 0 The Law Of Attraction Secret Many people try to use the Law of Attraction to build a life that is truly worthy of them. They become frustrated at their lack of progress simply because they have gotten the order of manifestation wrong. Don't fall into the same trap. Learn the secret behind the law of attraction.
77. Bookmarks: 0 Synchronicity Will Lead You! Have you ever considered the power of synchronicity when it comes to the Law of Attraction? Most often synchronicity is described as being the opposite of coincidence - coincidences being random and meaningless, and synchronicity being divinely orchestrated.You may even be able to remember specific experiences that were spooky the way they unfolded? Like narrowly missing being involved in a car accident because you were delayed a few minutes when leaving work; or meeting ...
78. Bookmarks: 1 Spiral of Manifestation A powerful technique to help you utilize your power of attraction and intention.
79. Bookmarks: 0 So You Want To Win the Lottery Allowing is the absence of doubt. Doubt is a negative vibration that cancels out the positive vibration of your desire, so removing doubt will allow your desire to come to you. Removing doubt will speed up the manifestation of your desire.
80. Bookmarks: 0 Secret Law Of Attraction Power Zone Can Be Yours In Just One Minute Secret law of attraction principles are easy to understand. What you focus on is what you get. Simple. But secret law of attraction principles aren’t as easy to put into practice. Simply putting up a manifestation board and visualizing what you want each day isn’t enough to apply secret law of attraction principles in a way that will make a difference in your life. The law of attraction is about energy and vibration.That energy and vibration (that’s in you and...
81. Bookmarks: 0 Manifest What You Want Faster Using the Law of Attraction Plus You can manifest faster with the proper understanding of how to put the law of attraction to its best test. You can easily increase the speed in which you manifest what you want.
82. Bookmarks: 0 Manifest the Life You Want Create the life you desire with these manifestation techniques
83. Bookmarks: 0 Manifesting Your Dreams And Desires What are your dreams?Are you in a place in your life where part of it feels limited or exhausting? If so, it is the time for you to begin manifesting your dreams and desires. First of all you must remember that Miracles do happen and that it is time to reach for the top. Not to order from the bottom of the list, but to ask for what it is that you really desire. Go for the top. Go for the limitlessness. Show your fellow beings that through the process of releasing limited ...
84. Bookmarks: 0 Manifesting Your Desires I could make it very easy from the start and say that you are already manifesting your desires everyday, but you just don't realize it. Most people are unconscious creators.
85. Bookmarks: 0 Manifesting Money is Deliciously Easy If you can learn to go deeper and be more trusting you can manifest money or anything you desire with greater ease. Learn to go into a deeper understand and you can move mountains.
86. Bookmarks: 0 Manifesting Abundance – Get the Money You Deserve Most people see life thought the eyes of scarcity and lack. However if you follow these simple techniques you can being to change the flow of money comming towards you.
87. Bookmarks: 0 Manifestation and The Law Of Attraction You can manifest your heart's desire if you get in touch with your Higher Self
88. Bookmarks: 0 Manifestation and the Importance of Living in the Present When you start observing your mind first thing you might notice is that you don’t control it. How many times you have read something, sometimes even trying to really concentrate on the subject, but then you caught yourself thinking about something completely different at the same time?
89. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – When it Does Not Work You can have wild success or unbearable failure when trying to apply the law of attraction to manifest your desires. You can change this sea saw by learning to apply some small changes.
90. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – The Secret to Manifesting Faster With increased understanding of the intimate nature of the law of attraction your ability grows stronger and more powerful. The many layers reveal themselves and what was hard easier and faster.
91. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – Increase Your Mind Power over Money There is a great difference between the one who understands the power of the mind to attract and the one who does not understand the power of his mind. Mind power requires the right training.
92. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – How to Use Affirmations Affirmations are essential to a law of attraction program. Not only do they allow you to keep a clear focus upon your desire, they also serve to alter your inner mind and create a new belief.
93. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – How to Manifest Money From Nothing You can begin to weave lots of money as you understand the subatomic nature of money and how it interacts with your present reality. When you understand that core of money at its finer subatomic level you will realize that you are never poor.
94. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – How to Make Your Own Luck There is a secret to being lucky. Those who are lucky know that what they presently have does not alter their luck.
95. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – How to Make it Very Easy Ease comes with deeper understanding. The law of attraction has layers and each layer reveals more tools to master manifesting your reality.
96. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – How to Create a Powerful Money Portal There are secrets to becoming a powerful portal which draws everything towards you. Without this knowledge the attraction process can be quite a hit or miss experience.
97. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – How to be a Match for What You Want Most people repel the things they want without being aware of it. One simple shift in their way of being can alter the state of things that they want by drawing it towards themselves as apposed to repelling it.
98. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – How Much Action is Needed? You can manifest like the spiritual masters if you learn the deeper secrets to manifesting. How much action you take depends on your ability to apply the principles correctly in a certain way.
99. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – From Zero to Tens of Thousands Using the law of attraction to manifest what you want is powerful granted you apply the necessary techniques. Almost everyone can run but not everyone can run a marathon. The difference is that it takes right knowledge of breathing and particular ways of running and without this knowledge you are guaranteed if anything to fail. Using the law of attraction to manifest is the same.
100. Bookmarks: 0 Law of Attraction – Attraction with Rituals and Mind Power Rituals are an important aspect of truly application of the laws of attraction. Without the full knowledge of the inner mind and the rituals necessary to the practice your results will be less than fruitful.
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