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1. Bookmarks: 2 Retirement Ready Income Investing: What's In Your Wallet? What good is wealth without income? Your 401k program is NOT retirement ready... even the most popular 2017 Target Date Fund is heavy into the Stock Market. Steve Selengut has been a hands-on, income focused, portfolio manager since 1979. This is the information you need to get from your 401k balances to retirement income independence.
2. Bookmarks: 0 The Pure Logic of Income Investing Income Investing is sane, necessary, logical, intellectually pure, purposeful, manageable, predictable, and incredibly easy to understand. Yet, more investment mistakes are made in this area than in stock market investing --- particularly in the area of performance evaluation. As a result, income investors seem much more susceptible to Wall Street manipulation than their equity focused brethren.
3. Bookmarks: 0 Who's Afraid of Higher Interest Rates? A rising interest rate environment is super good news for investors. When we loan money to someone, is it better to get the lowest possible rate for the shortest period of time? Stop looking at income investing with a grow the market value perspective. That's not what it's all about. Lower market values or growing discounts to NAV don't have to be problems... they can be benefits.
4. Bookmarks: 1 Risk Minimization, The Essence of Market Cycle Investment Management The MCIM methodology combines risk minimization, asset allocation, equity trading, investment grade value stock investing, and base income generation in a realistic environment whose time frame recognizes and embraces stock market, interest rate, and economic cycles. It does not exist in either Mutual Fund or ETF form.
5. Bookmarks: 1 What Investors Want & How To Get It: What Investors Want and How To Get It... the between the lines content of The Brainwashing of the American Investor. Investment education that you can sink your teeth into, understand and appreciate quickly, and put into operation quickly and productively.
6. Bookmarks: 0 Interest Rates Are Rising - The Sky Is NOT Falling Income investing facts of life: When higher rates are expected, existing security prices fall. lower rate expectations produce higher income security prices. Both conditions can be good news for investors. It's all a matter of understanding... and focus. Wall Street snake oil sales organizations just don't get it. It being the (apparently) much too simple income investing truth that lower market values have pretty much of a zero impact on security disbursements.
7. Bookmarks: 0 Experienced (old?) Investors Love Higher Interest Rates... Say What! Rising Interest Rate Expectations, regardless of their impact on Closed End Fund pricing, have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the income generated by the securities you now own. In fact, higher interest rates will eventually lead to higher payout levels because managers will have access to higher yielding instruments.
8. Bookmarks: 0 Stock Market: Thirteen Months Down, And Now... Brexit Neither a stock market downturn (not even Brexit) nor higher interest rates will have a significant negative impact on my retirement income; they could, in fact, allow me to grow that income even faster!
9. Bookmarks: 0 Income Investing: Do YOU Have The Right Stuff? When is 3 percent better than 6 percent? Yeah, we all know the answer, but only until the prices of the securities we already own begin to fall. Then, logic and mathematical acumen disappear and we become susceptible to all kinds of special cures for the periodic onset of higher interest rates. We’ll be told to sit in cash until rates stop rising, or to sell the securities we own now, before they lose even more of their precious market value.
10. Bookmarks: 0 Retirement Income Investing Article Library Retirement income planning starts with the first dollar you invest... IRA, 401k, 403b, savings plan, brokerage account, whatever. These articles explain both characteristics and performance expectations. Most importantly, they define purpose. The collection will help you do the job better... in some instances, by viewing the antics of the not so distant past.
11. Bookmarks: 6 Retirement Income Avenues to becoming Retirement Income Ready. After forty years of investing, a few things become crystal clear: you need to focus on quality, individual securities, diversify intelligently, and develop a lifetime supply of income. I call these principles The Big Three or the QDI. Just like the ice cream brick of my youth, it's just not right without all three flavors. The investment puzzle becomes easier to solve if you have a handle on all the pieces.
12. Bookmarks: 0 Income Closed End Funds & Total Return Analysis If interest rates rise, the market values of these investments will go down BUT the income from the securities (and their safety vis-a-vis equities) will not change; if interest rates fall forcing prices up, I may feel richer, BUT MY INCOME WILL NOT CHANGE. My Total Return may move in either direction but THE INCOME WILL NOT CHANGE.
13. Bookmarks: 1 MCIM Methodology Retirement Income Portfolios -Check It Out The MCIM methodology combines risk minimization, asset allocation, equity trading, investment grade value stock (IGVSI) investing, and base income generation in a methodology that embraces the cyclical nature of markets, interest rates, and economies. MCIM produces Retirement Income Readiness.
14. Bookmarks: 0 Investment Performance Evaluation Re-Evaluated: Part One (April 2009) The Working Capital Model (WCM) looks at investment performance differently, less emotionally, and without a whole lot of concern for short-term market value movements. Market value performance evaluation techniques are only used to analyze peak-to-peak market cycle movements over significant time periods. In the WCM, market value is used as an expectation clarifier and an action indicator for the portfolio manager.
15. Bookmarks: 0 What Do The Top 100 Newspaper Business Editors Have In Common, Besides Arrogance Should the country's biggest newspaper business editors be interested in a better way to manage investment portfolios than mutual funds or Modern Portfolio Theory speculations about the future? Should they care about an old approach to investing that actually takes advantage of the market cycle? Should they be tired of promulgating the same old and tired Wall Street advice that always seems to take investors in the wrong direction. Yeah, they should.
16. Bookmarks: 1 How To Make Short Term Trading Your Long Term Investment Strategy But most programs are designed to reward the genius and hard work of their creators, not the passive involvement of add to cart speculators looking for assistance making investment decisions. Face it people, much as I still love the over-regulated markets that we call Wall Street, the Master's of the Universe are clearly more interested in enhancing their own wealth then ours.
17. Bookmarks: 0 Market Lines and Numbers - - - Very Interesting The S & P average has no quality safeguards, no profit-taking discipline, no income requirements or reinvestment protocol, and no asset allocation plan. It is a totally unmanaged entity except for equity content manipulation by S & P Corporation. It is widely accepted as the benchmark against which most equity portfolio managers are measured, and it typically outperforms most of them. But it really only outperforms those professional portfolio managers who are responsible for public participatio
18. Bookmarks: 2 Market Cycle Investment Management Thinking Whatever happened to the Stock Market Cycle; the Interest Rate Cycle; Baby Jane? How did Wall Street get away with pushing these facts of financial life down the basement stairs? Most investors, and some financial advisers, media representatives, and market gurus have abandoned these fascinating curves for the comfort of a straight-edged twelve-month playing field... simple, yes; realistic, not.
19. Bookmarks: 0 Strategic Investment Mixology - The Elusive Holy Grail Cocktail Investment portfolio mixology doesn't take place in the smiley faced environment that brought us the Cosmo and the Kamikaze, but putting an investment cocktail together without the risk of addictive speculations, or bad aftertastes, is a valuable talent worth finding or developing for yourself.
20. Bookmarks: 0 The Real Scoop on Annuities - Part Two (March, 2008) Today, it's difficult to distinguish one financial institution from another as they compete for the ever-growing pool of investment dollars. Insurance companies, now publicly owned, have become am integral part of an industry that seems uninterested in protecting anything other than their obscenely paid leaders.
21. Bookmarks: 0 Modern Investment Thinking: A Plague O' Both Your Houses MPT doesn't just ignore all fundamental analytics while playing Frankenstein with technical analysis, it also pays no attention to the reality of market, interest rate, and economic cycles. It goes beyond real numbers and rational thinking by creating new and refined numbers --- supercharged to impress the intellectual elite while doing nothing to create dependable income streams for retirees.-
22. Bookmarks: 0 The Tax Free Income Closed End Fund Marketplace How could you not be interested in Tax Free Yields of roughly 7%? On programs that have been in operation for nearly 20 years? and which are generally paying more now than they did prior to the financial crisis?
23. Bookmarks: 0 One Man's Bond Crash is Another's Income Opportunity But we (the non Masters of the Universe) can simply reinvest our current income in any number of portfolios of bonds, preferred stocks, loans, notes, etc. which are selling at discounts, not only from their maturity value, but also from their combined Net Asset Values.
24. Bookmarks: 6 Income Investing: Go Ask Alice When She's... Don't let uniformed thinking sabotage your retirement program; don't let the selfish advice of a product sharpshooter send you chasing rabbits when IRE (interest rate expectations) or other temporary market conditions shrink the market value of your income portfolio. Feed your head; feed---your---head. Income pays the bills, and if the income level is both steady and adequate, there is no need to change investments.
25. Bookmarks: 0 The Flip Side of Rising Interest Rates... Much Higher Yields Note that Wall Street (and the DOL) have (purposely?) kept the investing public uninformed about the totally reasonable yields currently (and historically, before, during, and since the financial crisis) available using Closed End Income Funds... CEF income investors have the ability to add to positions when prices fall (thus reducing cost basis and increasing yield),
26. Bookmarks: 0 To Rollover 401k Plan Assets or Not To... That Is The Question Interestingly, all the major 401k product providers, also manage Closed End Fund product lines that generate generous income, even after higher fees. These fees, so important to regulators and politicians, are never paid by the recipients of the much higher income.
27. Bookmarks: 0 New 401k Approach Focuses on Income Production and Correction Preparation 401(k) Savings Plans are great opportunities to build wealth, but they are not guaranteed pension programs and there are pitfalls. What if you are forced to retire at the bottom of a market cycle, or at a time of historically low interest rates? Qualified or not as an investor, you have to make your own 401(k) investment decisions.
28. Bookmarks: 0 The MCIM Trading Strategy For Volatile Markets Trading does not have to be done quickly to be productive, and it doesn't have to focus on higher risk securities to be profitable. And perhaps most importantly, it doesn't have to avoid the interest rate sensitive income securities that are so important to the long-term success of any true investment portfolio.
29. Bookmarks: 0 Create a Pension Plan Within Your 401(k) 401(k) Savings Plans are great opportunities to build wealth, but they are not guaranteed pension programs and there are pitfalls. What if you are forced to retire at the bottom of a market cycle, or at a time of historically low interest rates? Qualified or not as an investor, you have to make your own 401(k) investment decisions. Eventually, you will have to create your own income portfolio.
30. Bookmarks: 1 A Dismal Decade? No Way With Market Cycle Investing Once again The Wizards attempted to debug the market cycle and create an upward only future for the masses. But the markets weren't broken, just the market shakers. Your portfolio could have been up in market value--- and not by just a little for the dismal decade.
31. Bookmarks: 0 The Greatest Financial Story Never Told How would you have fared if you were cash rich in September 1987 and fully invested by the end of October? What if, in the time leading up to the dot-com bubble, your credo was: no NASDAQ, no Mutual Funds, no IPOs/ Investment Grade Value Stocks only?
32. Bookmarks: 3 Income Investing Made Easy - Two Base income includes the dividends and interest produced by your portfolio, without the realized capital gains that may actually be the larger number much of the time. No matter how you slice it, your long-range comfort demands regularly increasing income, and by using your total portfolio cost basis as the benchmark, it's easy to determine where to invest your accumulating cash.
33. Bookmarks: 0 Forming Valid Income Investing Expectations - Part Two The critical relationship between the two classes of securities in your portfolio, is this: the market value of your equity investments and that of your income purpose investments are totally, and completely unrelated. Each Market dances to it's own beat. Stocks are like heavy metal or Rap...impossible to predict. Bonds are more like the classics and old time rock-and-roll...much more predictable.
34. Bookmarks: 0 Forming Valid Income Investing Expectations - Part One I've come to the conclusion that the stock market is an easier medium for investors to understand (to form behavioral expectations about) than the fixed income market. As unlikely as this sounds, experience proves it, irrefutably. When dealing with income purpose securities neither investors nor their advisors are comfortable with any downward movement at all.
35. Bookmarks: 0 Tax Free, Municipal Bonds Yielding nearly 7%. Interested? Of course you should be interested. There are at least eight reasonable explanations for recent Municipal Bond price weakness --- there are at least eight excellent reasons why investors should be viewing this weakness as a buying opportunity. Lower prices and higher yields are good news for income investors!
36. Bookmarks: 0 Income Investing: News, Information, Opportunity There are always reasonable explanations for price weakness --- there are always excellent reasons why investors should be viewing price weakness as a buying opportunity. Clearly, the financial press has not attended any of my income investing seminars. Lower prices and higher yields are always good news for income investors.
37. Bookmarks: 0 Your Income Portfolio There are several reasonable explanations for recent Municipal Bond price weakness: Higher interest rates expected; equity portfolio window dressing; weakness of state government treasuries; profit taking in municipal CEFs; speculation about proposed tax code changes; illiquidity of individual bonds; irrational investor fear. There are at least as many excellent reasons why investors should be viewing this weakness as a buying opportunity ---
38. Bookmarks: 0 Shamanism Shamanism is considered the oldest religion in the world, although the term Shamanism is relatively new. It is a community form of healing, taught through generations so that anyone interested can practice this healing art. It is credited as the oldest technology for furthering human consciousness. It is finally being recognized as a valuable scientifically proven tool for experiencing realms of reality not readily available in our modern cultures.
39. Bookmarks: 14 The Benefits Of A Membership Program For Your Website Building membership through your website allows you to automate the acquisition of prospects and customers for your business. Using referral links for your members allows you to reward members for sharing links of interest to them.
40. Bookmarks: 22 Video Production for Television and Internet Commercials If you are interested in running television advertising in your local or regional area, you can design an advertising package specifically for your business. You can also create a national television advertising campaign for your business.
41. Bookmarks: 0 What Aren't We All Using Electric Cars? Check Out The Cool New TWIZY! I look for new developments in electric cars all the time, and found something interesting today!
42. Bookmarks: 0 Bond Crash Ahead says Market Watch & Investment News InvestmentNews wants to make damn sure its readers, the 90,000 professional financial advisers who rely on the timeliness and accuracy of every INews forecast, understand: “What will your clients’ portfolios look like when the bond bomb goes off?”
43. Bookmarks: 0 Ten Common Investment Errors: Stocks, Bonds, & Management Losing money on an investment may not be the result of a mistake, and not all mistakes result in monetary losses. Compounding the problems that investors have managing their investment portfolios is the sideshowesque sensationalism that the media brings to the process. Avoid these ten common errors to improve your performance:
44. Bookmarks: 0 Stock and Bond Trading Powers Modern Asset Allocation Trading does not have to be done quickly to be productive, and it doesn't have to focus on higher risk securities to be profitable. And perhaps most importantly, it doesn't have to avoid the interest-rate-sensitive income securities that are so important to the long-term success of any true investment portfolio.
45. Bookmarks: 0 The Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) Program Investing with a calendar year focus has no basis in the realities of finance, business, or economics... isn't it obvious that the Stock and Bond Markets are far more closely related to the Business Cycle than to the Earth's around the Sun? The Market Cycle Investment Management Account Program provides better guidance--- and results.
46. Bookmarks: 0 Modern Investment Thinking: We've Come Full Circle From the unmanaged Buy and Hold strategy of generations past, it's interesting to observe the full circle we've traveled to the unmanaged multi-product portfolio of the 21st century. Somewhere in the process, both technical and fundamental analytical techniques have been steamrolled under the pavement of the new highway to ---
47. Bookmarks: 0 Hire dissertation writer Dissertation writing is most difficult assignment that has to written with complete attention and interest because with out these essential factors students never accomplish their targets and aims. Here are some points which can easily tell you effective way to overcome your problems.
48. Bookmarks: 0 The 5 places to visit in 2012 From the New York Times - The 5 most interesting places to visit in 2012
49. Bookmarks: 0 Guaranteed Social Security Benefits: Finally, An Approptiate Use For (Fixed) Annuities What if, instead of donating 7.6% of your salary (15.3% if you are self employed) to support the war de jour: (a) you could choose to deposit from 3% to 5% of your salary in a guaranteed retirement program maturing anytime after age 60, (b) the lifetime benefit is totally income tax free, and (c) your employer uses his savings to either create jobs, raise non-executive salaries, reduce prices, or increase shareholder dividends. Interested?
50. Bookmarks: 1 Guaranteed Social Security Benefits - The Old Fashioned Way What if, instead of donating 7.6% of your salary (15.3% if you are self employed) to support the war de jour: (a) you could choose to deposit from 3% to 5% of your salary in a guaranteed retirement program maturing anytime after age 60, (b) the lifetime benefit is totally income tax free, and (c) your employer uses his savings to either create jobs, raise non-executive salaries, reduce prices, or increase shareholder dividends. Interested?
51. Bookmarks: 59 Finding a Referral Marketing Solution! We discovered the need for more effective marketing and created an entire field called Master Mind Marketing. We saw the need a huge need for this as people exit their current lines of work and move toward starting new businesses. Also, many people have a large list of contacts and are looking to fine-tune it into something that works for them - the need is to find a way to hone the list into the few people that are really interested in working with you.
52. Bookmarks: 931

IBC Module!
Drip Marketing Campaigns - Get Your Branded Message To Prospects and Customers As you develop your products and services and as your prospects and customers demonstrate interest in specific products and services you have mentioned, we design a tactical drip marketing campaign to entice buyers to take action and buy!
53. Bookmarks: 0 Real Estate Logo Designs Online Working on real estate logo design is really complicated to complete or to get the interest of audience and this is why most of us get worried when starting to work on it. This piece of writing will tell you that how you can generate your desired real estate logo design easily.
54. Bookmarks: 0 Internet Radio Broadcast Rates Anyone interested in creating a radio show that plays copyrighted music should factor in licensing costs.
55. Bookmarks: 0 Undergraduate Dissertation Writing Help Selection of the undergraduate dissertation topic is one of the toughest tasks for the students and they find difficulties in their projects. This piece of writing will tell you very easy steps and tips to find the interesting undergraduate dissertation topics.
56. Bookmarks: 0 Best Dissertation Writing Services For Dissertation Proposal Writing on dissertation proposal is a task which is not easily achievable, but it is interesting. If any student keeps the effective and right tips in his or her mind, they will surely write their dissertation proposal effectually.
57. Bookmarks: 0 Online Dissertation Writers For Biology Dissertation Writing on zoology dissertation is not easy but it is certainly interesting. The first timers always make mistakes in their zoology or biology dissertation projects. With this piece of writing, they will get help and become skilled to complete their dissertation papers.
58. Bookmarks: 3 Top Dissertation Writing Services For English Literature Dissertation English literature is surely an interesting field to study and your capabilities get the final touch when you are given to write an English literature dissertation assignment on your own. There are a number of methods to pick an English literature dissertation topic and write it effectively.
59. Bookmarks: 0 Buy Custom Written Research Paper For Masters Standard Choosing a masters research paper topic is the fundamental part of the masters research paper writing and the students are required to select a masters research paper title in as per their interest, aptitude and they can have the assistance of the specialist masters research paper writing services too by buying buy custom written research papers.
60. Bookmarks: 896

IBC Module!
Drip Marketing You can isolate specific interests in a feature, application or benefit of a product or service in order to create a flow of useful information that targets a specific desired action.
61. Bookmarks: 999

IBC Module!
White Papers as Syndicated Content There is a huge shift taking place where businesses are pulling white papers off their sites and reworking them as social media content – they are branding the information from their white papers as specialized or niche information and establishing themselves as experts in their industries by generating interest in the information through syndicates (collections of interested people).
62. Bookmarks: 155 Viral Content Campaigns There are some common threads in successful viral campaigns that include the style of writing, humor, notoriety of the author, general interest in the subject, timing and other factors.
63. Bookmarks: 0 Interesting Reading - - - Two Articles by Others Charlie Reese's Final Column: 555 People & A Constitutional Amendment to Reform Congress
64. Bookmarks: 5 Law Dissertation Writing Help Choosing a law dissertation topic is a fundamental part of the law dissertation writing and the students are required to pick a law dissertation topic in the circle of their interest, proficiency and the y can have the assistance of the professional law dissertation writing services as well.
65. Bookmarks: 2 Buy A Research Paper For Marketing In MBA Selecting a marketing research paper topic is the basic part of the marketing research paper writing and the students are needed to pick a marketing research paper topic in the circle of their interest, proficiency and they can have the help of the expert marketing research paper writing services as well.
66. Bookmarks: 0 Get Free Interesting Dissertation Topics The students are not supposed to wait at all when it comes to select a dissertation topic. In fact, they should hurriedly start selecting the topics so that they can meet the dissertation submission deadline as soon as possible and they may not have to go for deadline extension.
67. Bookmarks: 0 Choose Your Thesis Topic With Your Interest Thesis paper is the main and last requisite of academic institutions and you need to complete it exceptionally perfect manner with the best thesis topic and productively to get high standard degree. So, thesis writing is more significant for your career and your success.
68. Bookmarks: 0 Easy To Choose Your Thesis Topics Thesis topic choice is the initial move and you have to gather maximum ideas for it. Choose the correct thesis title from the entire obtainable ideas that are supposed to be of your interest and must match your expertise.
69. Bookmarks: 0 How To Explore Maximum Thesis Topic Ideas? Thesis topic selection is the first move and you need to collect maximum ideas for it. Pick the right thesis topic from all the available ideas that should be of your interest and must match your proficiency area.
70. Bookmarks: 0 Thesis Topics Requirements & How To Choose It Thesis topic choice is the very important part and you are needed to consider principles for selecting the accurate thesis topic. Your selected thesis title must be of your interest and confirm if it also links with your professional career.
71. Bookmarks: 0 Dissertation Topics Requirements Dissertation topic selection is the significant part and you are required to think about the rules for picking the precise dissertation title. Your chosen dissertation topic has got to be of your interest.
72. Bookmarks: 3 Straightforward Technique To Pick Thesis Topics Thesis topic choice is the very important part and you are needed to consider principles for selecting the accurate thesis topic. Your selected thesis title must be of your interest and confirm if it also links with your professional career.
73. Bookmarks: 0 Buy Dissertation Help – Simple Path To Success In dissertation writing process, at first you have to select a topic of your interest and it must be according to your ability. Now, begin your research procedure. If you are capable to produce your own papers, go on, or else you can buy dissertation from online.
74. Bookmarks: 1 Investment Guru Interview - Money Matters Radio - Part Two Even with the MCIM Mirror Portfolios that are based on six different model portfolios that I supervise, each participant account will contain securities purchased at different prices than in the model. These are designed for people who don't want to do it themselves, who like the Market Cycle Investment management approach, and who don't have regular disbursement needs.
75. Bookmarks: 1 Find Out How To Buy Dissertation Securely For dissertation writing, at first choose a topic of your interest level of proficiency. Now, start your writing process, if you are capable to write your papers, then go on. Otherwise, you can buy dissertation papers from custom writing services.
76. Bookmarks: 1 Straightforward Technique To Pick Thesis Topics Thesis topic choice is the very important part and you are needed to consider principles for selecting the accurate thesis topic. Your selected thesis title must be of your interest and confirm if it also links with your professional career.
77. Bookmarks: 1 Understanding Income Investing – Second Chance Survey Hundreds of people responded to the last Income Investing survey, and all papers were corrected and returned. As a group, the class failed to pass the test of income investing competancy. Here's another chance.
78. Bookmarks: 0 An easiest process to get your dissertations from topic selection till submission For dissertation writing first of all select a topic of your interest and it must be within your area of expertise. Now, start with your writing process, if able to write your own papers, then get them proofread by professionals, or you may choose to buy complete dissertation paper from them.
79. Bookmarks: 0 How Can You Get Expert Approach To Choose Thesis Topics? Thesis topic choice is the very important part and you are needed to consider principles for selecting the accurate thesis topic. Your selected thesis title must be of your interest and confirm if it also links with your professional career.
80. Bookmarks: 0 The 6 Secrets to Find a Better Thesis Topic Thesis topic selection is the vital part and you are required to think about a criterion for choosing right thesis topic for your papers. Your chosen topic should be of your interest and check it links with your professional career and broad enough to perform your research process with an ease.
81. Bookmarks: 0 Discover Ways To Choose Law Dissertation Topic To Perform Satisfactory Research Selecting a law dissertation topic is a crucial part of dissertation. One needs to select a topic within the circle of interest, expertise and it must link with professional career.
82. Bookmarks: 1 Investment Guru Interview - Money Matters Radio Network My goal is to never leave a profit of 10% (net/net) on the table, and that's goes for income securities as well as for equities. I'm almost always buying and selling, every day --- there's no inconsistency in that. The Glossary in The Brainwashing of the American Investor defines terms like bargain and Investment Grade Value Stock.
83. Bookmarks: 1 A GPS For Your Investment Portfolio Hey 'Deep Pockets', what were you doing on October 19th, 1987, the Wall Street Jungle reporter asked? I was gritting my teeth, shaking more than just a little, palms sweaty but placing dozens of individual orders for the best NYSE, dividend-paying, companies --- at prices that nearly everyone thought would drop even further.
84. Bookmarks: 0 The Social Security Problem--- and Two Viable Solutions Social Security is a cancer that’s killing the American economy --- it must be replaced by something more constructive. Here are two interesting monologue's that describe the multi trillion dollar problem, and offer one man's workable (if complex) solution. Combine his program and mine and you've got something.
85. Bookmarks: 0 Calling All Meeting Planners! Aruba’s Gorgeous Beaches, Luxury Resorts, And Tax Incentives Make It An Irresistible Choic Aruba is more than just picture perfect beaches, beautiful weather and an oasis of relaxation. It’s now one of the best places in the world to hold a business meeting, convention or other corporate function. Why? The U.S. Treasury Department announced that the United States and Aruba signed the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) between the two countries. How would this be of interest to event and meeting planners?
86. Bookmarks: 0 Learn The Italian Language With Ease Pasta, Ti Amo, Prego are three words from Italy. Italy’s language is called Italian and learning this language is more like reading every English syllables of every word. The Italian language is fairly easy to understand and learn since some words can be recognized easily the moment it is mentioned. Some Italian words are even used now by millions of people across the globe.Interested to learn the Italian language? If you are, good for you then. Learning another language ...
87. Bookmarks: 0 Learning How to Play Poker Online Poker is not entirely a game of luck, but rather a game of skill and how you can take the cards you are dealt and make them win. This requires knowledge of odds, bluffing, and the general rules of the game not to mention the other cards opponents have showing. So, if you are interested in playing poker online you can really learn how to play well and win money.
88. Bookmarks: 0 Cruise Ship Gambling: Everything You Need And Want To Know Gambling is a recognized interestedness of numberless American citizens. Despite the confidence of gambling, it is inequitable in sundry areas of the Untied States. Currently, casinos are unitary allowed on Indian reservations, in Las Vegas, and in Atlantic City. What does this mean for those that love to gamble? It often means long trips and large amounts of money spent. That is unless you want to incorporate gambling into your vacation.Aside from the casinos offered on ...
89. Bookmarks: 66 Generating Leads And Making Sales: Advice For Trade Show Exhibitors Trade shows are one of the best ways to market your products or services and advertise your business to interested buyers
90. Bookmarks: 8 Adolescent Anger Management Strategies The truth about anger management. Simple steps to a calmer less stressful life This article will help your conquer your anger and improve your self esteem; your family and friends will thanks you for it. Whether you have problems controlling anger or know someone close to you that does then this article is sure to be of interest to you.
91. Bookmarks: 1 The Use Of Books And Computers In Home Schooling Learning is never-ending for even as adults, people continually learn new facts and things every single day. In today's modern day and age, new techniques and additions are making both teaching and learning challenging as well as interesting. For parents, who are home schooling their children, it is of utmost importance that the student's particular needs, interests and abilities should be taken into consideration before deciding on what method or technique of teaching is to ...
92. Bookmarks: 1 Educate Children the Fun Way with Inquisitive Teacher Supplies Dare to have an interesting teaching technique! Teach children the fun way with interesting teacher supplies. Here are some great teaching tips...
93. Bookmarks: 3 Start A Career In Video Game Design If you are thinking of what to do for a career and you have an interest in animation, then you should consider video game design. This is an industry that is booming at an incredible rate and shows no signs of slowing down. In the past twenty years, there have been incredible advances in the video game design industry and you could be a part of it. In only a few decades, there have been barriers broken that could never have been dreamed of in the past. Video games are ...
94. Bookmarks: 0 Personal Power Maps and Creative Ideas An article on using your own resources and strengths in order to come up with creative ideas and initiatives. This simple technique will allow you to map interesting routes for personal creativity and development. Includes a detailed explanation and the author's personal example.
95. Bookmarks: 3 Online Degree Program Scores With Video Game Enthusiasts When high school students spend hours playing video games, parents ofen say its a waste of time. However, these video game players, or gamers, can now find professional opportunities to complement their interest.
96. Bookmarks: 6 Explore Your Creativity With A Degree In Video Game Design Video games have exploded in popularity, thanks to our high paced and pressurized world crunching down on individuals. People need a break from reality and video games provide that venue of escapism, and businesses have definitely gotten the message loud and clear. Developing new games is a fierce industry and companies need people who can always bring on better games that stimulate all the senses at once. But how can you get into this rising segment and turn your interests i...
97. Bookmarks: 0 The Simple Magic Of Reading “Books make a complete man,” said a man centuries ago.This holds true today as yesterday. Sadly, the young generation might have lost interest in reading books because more and more forms of entertainment compete for their attention. Movies enchant them, music and MTV grab their attention, and computer games challenge their skills. This is very disheartening, especially if we will take into consideration the vast amount of knowledge that we miss if we fail to read voracio...
98. Bookmarks: 1 How To Start An Arcade Game Business You probably have been to arcade game establishments and saw how great an arcade game business can be. It is always filled with people who are interested to play. You will always hear the cash registers sound “ding” as indication of another customer's payment. Arcade games are great businesses. It is always attracting people and always producing great income.Arcade businesses provide entertainment for the whole family. Teenagers and young adults alike go to arcade gam...
99. Bookmarks: 0 Travel & Vacation in the Bahamas If you're traveling to or planning a vacation in the Bahamas you might be interested in knowing a little about the area.
100. Bookmarks: 0 The 3 Best Family Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation When it comes to planning a family vacation it can be hard to please everyone in the family. This is especially a problem when you have children of all ages. However, there are 3 great vacation spots that offer up activities for children and adults of all ages and interests.1. Walt Disney World – This vacation spot is no secret to anyone but it continues to be one of the most ideal vacation destinations for families. For young children it is the trip of a lifetime g...
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Internet Search Engines Basics – Using Search Engines To Make Money - There are many examples throughout the history of the modern era, of new technologies that took abou...
How To Start An Internet Business – Meta Tags and Keyword Density - Okay, you have a domain name, layout and content. Now we get to a step that will go a long way to de...

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