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1. Bookmarks: 33 Bio - Author of the Book Little Caterpillar Grace teaches Western business etiquette with an Asian influence, treating social graces the same as learning any fine art. Her unique approach to Western etiquette, through a comparison to Asian and other cultures, helps students understand their own perspective and adds another dimension to their development and success.
2. Bookmarks: 9 3 Social Graces Tips by Grace E Lee
3. Bookmarks: 0 Grace Etsuko Lee's Book Signing Invitation You are invited to my lecture and book signing of Little Caterpillar in Training: A Culture in Transition and Its Mixed Child in Post-War Japan at the Los Angeles Japanese-American National Museum on Saturday, November 13th, at 2 pm. The Museum in located in downtown Los Angeles and the lecture will be in the Tateuchi Democracy Forum.
4. Bookmarks: 55 Meet Grace Lee Grace Lee's dynamic, motivational keynote speeches show how easy it is to make changes in your etiquette that will do more for your career and social life than any other single thing. Her interactive talks and workshops always inspire her audiences to new levels of self-discovery and growth.
5. Bookmarks: 306 Social Graces and International Business Etiquette Decorum Because people are reluctant to admit they're offended by your words or behavior. Our fast-changing times have left behind the etiquette that tells us how to act in social situations, says international business consultant and etiquette expert Grace Lee, whose fun, enlightening talks give you the savvy and social grace to handle any interaction with ease.
6. Bookmarks: 0 Invitation to LA Japanese American National Museum on November 13, 2010 at 2 pm LOS ANGELES.—Grace Etsuko Lee, an internationally recognized corporate consultant, speaker and trainer specializing in business relations between the United States and Japan, will discuss her own life as someone who bridged two cultures and will provide basic tips to avoid mistakes in cross cultural business dealings at a special public program set for Saturday, November 13, beginning at 2 p.m., at the Japanese American National Museum’s Tateuchi Democracy Forum at 369 East First Street, Los Ang
7. Bookmarks: 1 The Recollections of a “Mixed” Woman Raised in Post-war Japan: Author of “Little Caterpillar in Training” Grace Lee Written in Japanese By Keiko Fukuda Translated to English by Minoru Nishida 11 Oct 2010 In the beginning of summer, I had scheduled to meet with a woman for the first time at a café in Little Tokyo. As a journalist making a living through interviews, it’s not uncommon for me to be meeting somebody new. I could even say that has become a daily routine for me. Yet I was especially looking forward to meeting the woman whom I had promised to see on this day. The reason lies in the book that thi
8. Bookmarks: 29 First Impression - Social Graces Tips In this article, we cover social graces tips. Grace discusses how women shouldn't make an obvious bid for public attention that is offensive. Also, for men that are looking to spend money on accessories, their watch, belt, and shoes are the best investment.
9. Bookmarks: 6 Answers - How Much Do You Know About China? Take a Test There are 24 correct answers. If you get all 24 correct you are an expert on China. If you get at least 12 right you probably won’t get into too much trouble in China. If you get less than 6 right you are a dufus when it comes to China. Don’t go until you do a whole lot more studying or you will make all kinds of social graces mistakes and get thrown into a dungeon with rest of the foreign dufuses.
10. Bookmarks: 6 How Much Do You Know About China? - Take a Test For international relationships, mainly in China, it’s hard enough to have a relationship even when you share the same language and customs. Learning other cultures and understanding their customs is vital in international business relationships. What it really comes down to is the Universal Code of Conduct – character and integrity.
11. Bookmarks: 35 Japanese New Year Memories As a child growing up in Japan my memory of one of the celebrations I liked most was New Years. All the women in the house were busy preparing the very colorful New Year foods “O-sechi” for the family a few days before the 1st to make sure the food would last for 3 days outside. In the olden days before refrigerators they had to make foods that would keep for 3 days in the winter. No one was to work during those 3 days.
12. Bookmarks: 17 Graceful Expectations Newsletter #4 - December 29, 2009 In this edition of our newsletter, we feature a video article of Grace Etsuko Lee's radio interview with Rhett Palmer, information on a new computer security issue, Corporate Income Tax Reform, Conversion Processes and Using the PS-FAB Style of Writing with a Long Tail Strategy, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization.
13. Bookmarks: 0 Graceful Expectations Newsletter #3 - December 15, 2009 In this edition, we feature a mini lesson from Grace Etsuko Lee Poise and Carriage Lesson by Grace Lee, a Chapter from Teo's book Social Media Marketing and Syndication, and three other articles from Steve Selengut, Lori DelBo and Jenni Jones.
14. Bookmarks: 33 Grace Live at Rhett Palmer Radio Show Car Etiquette Rhett wanted to talk about male female social graces to help him make points with his girlfriend. I put together a short video of the radio interview and added the video lesson I taught Rhett and his audience.
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