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Q: My computer crashes when I cut and paste from MS Word - What's up?

A: MS WORD and other programs can easily include huge amounts of unneeded and unwanted text and other objects when you click "cut" or "copy" - this is generally what crashes computers. By the time you get to pasting it into Article Advocates, your computer is probably already freezing up.

Solution: Always format your articles in Article Advocates, and only cut and paste TEXT into the editor. If you have already cut and pasted bad data into the article and want to fix it:

  1. click the "Edit HTML as TEXT" button
  2. edit out the bad data, or clear everything and start over
  3. click SAVE

Q: I can't access any of my articles in the Dashboard - the button is disabled. How do I access my Dashboard?

A: Make sure you are logged into Article Advocates or the system won't show you your articles.

Comment: That was it.

Bonus: Take a look at the welcome message or the log in button - if you see your name in the welcome message or the "log out" button (instead of the "log in" button), that means you are logged in and can access your dashboard. If you are logged out, you will not see your name in the welcome message and you will see the "log in" button.

Q: I spent a great deal of time setting up my article correctly, saved it and previewed it. Then I had to reboot. When I went back into the Dashboard, it was gone. What could have happened?

A: When you are in your Dashboard, the system shows Published articles by default. There is a button there to show UNPUBLISHED articles. If the article is PRIVATE, then click this button to show your UNPUBLISHED articles - maybe this is the issue.

Comment: Yeap - that was it. Thank you.

Bonus: You can also search on keywords in your article titles, keywords and descriptions - this is available at the top of your Dashboard. It will bring up your PUBLISHED and UNPUBLISHED articles.

Q: My article is done, but doesn't show up on my website. It's right there in my Dashboard. Why doesn't it show up?

A: Go into your editor for that article and check the TYPE setting (Set Type) - its under the Keywords and above the Description. For new articles, the default setting is PRIVATE, which means only you can see it. When you set the type to PUBLISH and click SAVE, everyone can see it.

Comment: Missed that. Thanks!

Bonus: PUBLISHED articles are also syndicated to other websites and readers can bookmark the article. UNPUBLISHED articles can be used to store ideas for articles or other information you want to keep private.

Q: The DELETE button no longer shows up on my edit screen. I want to delete my article - how can I do that?

A: A few people were accidentally deleting their PUBLISHED articles, so we removed the DELETE button if the article is set to PUBLISH. Simply set the article to PRIVATE, SAVE, then you can see and use the DELETE button.

Comment: That's a great idea! I almost accidentally clicked that DELETE button several times myself!

Q: I don't see an UNDO key. How can I undo my edits?

A: SAVE each edit. Then if you want to go back to your last change, click the browser's BACK button, then click SAVE and start again.

Comment: Hey, that works!

Bonus: When you make multiple edits in this way, you can click the browser's BACK button as many times as you want, even to the point where you started. DON'T FORGET to SAVE to get that version back into the database. This gives you an infinite number of UNDO's per edit session.

Q: I spent a lot of time creating an article, but now I can't find it. Where did it go?

A: There is a SAVE button on the edit screen. Make sure to SAVE your work, otherwise, well you know now - you lose your work!

Comment: I am new to this computer stuff. Makes sense. It seems to be working now.

Reminder: Don't forget to SAVE your work. This is applicable to every program you will ever use and not just web stuff.
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