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Seeing Red and Other Aura Colors

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Colors are important aspect of aura reading. However, when non-physical energy combines with our body, it is confined to the limitations of density, light and form.Note areas where colors are dull, do you see holes within the colors? Trust you intuition.


This is a confusing color. There is nothing wrong with black in one’s aura. Black generally means one is shielding oneself from outside energies. This can also mean being unbalanced; one is hiding something or keeping secrets.

A black ring around a child usually indicates some form of abuse, adults who have not dealt with early abuse will carry this black ring till they are healed.


This comes in different shades. Gifted people have shades of blue in their aura. Intuitive people will show pale blue coloration within the purple bursting out like rays of sunshine, emanating from the heart outwards.

A deeper blue can indicate loneliness. A very deep blue shows devotion, honesty and good judgment.

Not all blues are positive- a muddier shade of blue indicates a domineering person, a tendency towards depression, or oversensitivity.


This color can indicate growth in a person. Seen around the head and with other colors emanating in combination, it indicates a person who is developing mentally, intuitively and organizing within.
Brown by itself can indicate lack of energy, or one who has become "stagnant".


Indicates lots of spiritual energy, in tune with oneself. Muddy gold means one has not really come to terms with one’s higher levels.


Usually seen around a thinker, an analytical person. Could indicate a "balanced" person. Intelligent people show this color around their heads.


Sympathetic to others, dependable and has healing abilities.Muddier shade could indicate jealousy- like "green with envy".


Can indicate intuition and creativity. Silvery gray shows femininity while darker gray can mean secretiveness or physical imbalance. Gay men can show shades of gray in their aura.


Bright orange means one is growing emotionally and paranormally.A dull shade means a person is unsure how to accept this growth. Muddy orange shows in a person with too much pride.


The color of love, and honesty. It also depicts the quieter side of an artistic and creative person. Dark pink may indicate immaturity or changes with one’s love life.

Dull pink, however, watch out; Someone is lying.


The color of intuition, a deeper purple hue shows a strong- willed and passionate person. It can also reflect intense erotic imagination and being over-bearing.


A color of love or hate, strong emotions and a lot of energy. An intense red color, however, may indicate a person ready to fly off the handle.

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