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Make Your Heart Soar

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The Stanford Research Institute as well as The Harvard Research Center has discovered that 15% of a person's success in life is determined by knowledge compared to 85% being determined by attitude. It's not an overstatement to suggest that your attitude is more important than your aptitude!.

Enthusiasm is to be found where those most important things you value reside. These are the things that light you up. It is easy to know what lights you up because you know the feeling, no matter how fleeting. Just before the rational mind starts convincing you that you are mistaken, your heart soars for a moment. Your eyes light up and you hear that "Yes!!!" from deep inside. This is the seat of enthusiasm. Grab it, examine it and, above all, do more of whatever it is that creates it!

The power of enthusiasm can get you through many problems, ill-health, and disappointing experiences. It increases your physical vitality and helps you to keep going even when you think you don't have any more strength. It adds importance to everything that you do.

Enthusiasm can have a profound effect on the physical body as well. The pitch of your voice, your heart rate, even your posture, not to mention your energy level changes when you are filled with enthusiasm. In addition, people around you can detect it and will be affected too, because enthusiasm is contagious. An enthusiastic person is just more enjoyable to be around. When you are pleasant, upbeat, excited, or express a passionate behavior, others are infected. It is stimulating and attracts others to you; which will change your personal and professional life, for the better!

Keep in mind that enthusiasm is not the same thing as just being excited. You can get excited about your new car. However, you would be enthusiastic about all the things that happened, the actions you took to get that shiny new delite in your driveway. This includes knowing you were ready to get a better and newer car and you made a commitment to get it, now. Then you used your time and energy to investigate various models and ultimately decided which one is had your name stamped on it. The test drive cemented your decision, so you took the leap and signed your "john hancock" to all those forms.

Every new invention and creation is due to enthusiasm on the part of the inventor or creator. What you did to create this car is wear the enthusiasm lies! You are the creator of your shiny new car!

Getting enthusiasm is a little like learning to breathe: Nobody can tell you exactly how to do it, but without it you know something is missing in your life. No one but you can discover that compelling purpose or exciting adventure that ignites enthusiasm inside you. You can however learn a great deal from others about how to use it to it's maximum advantage.

Age, experience and traumatic events can sometimes take the edge off your enthusiasm, your thrill of life. So, how can you get it back? Think back to a time in your past when you were very enthusiastic about something, try to remember how it made you feel, how excited you were at the mere thought of it. Try to regain the passion and desire you felt back then. Remind yourself why it was thrilling to you. Remember though everyone changes, and so does your enthusiasm for different things. So what "tooted your horn" yesterday may be something you pass by today!

According to the dictionary, enthusiasm means 1. great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. 2. a source or cause of great excitement or interest. 3. ecstasy arising from supposed possession by a god. The word actually comes from the Greek 'entheos' meaning "the God within."

Let's see how you can get a bit of the action, by using the immense power of Enthusiasm.

* Enthusiasm grows when you focus on solutions and opportunities, not problems and circumstances.

* Always spend your time with positive, enthusiastic people!

Enthusiasm produces success. So mix with and learn from those people you regard as dynamic, electric, and have achieved a bountiful life.

SIDE NOTE: Don't waste your time and energies on naysayers who are always putting you down. And, you don't have to let yourself bleed for the sake of people who drain you (without giving anything in return).

* Forget about yesterday.

Be enthusiastic about the now, for that is all that really matters.

* Find your balance.

Eat good food, maintain positive energy vibrations, listen to music you enjoy, spend time in nature. Take care of yourself!

* Make love happen .

Be the love that you are looking for. Love, and you will be loved!

* One of the best ways to receive more of what you want, is to be sincerely grateful for what you have already.

So for today, no matter what the rational mind says look on the bright side of life. Look and listen for the places, events, ideas, people and activities that make your heart shout that loud "Yes"! And, spend some time deciding how to bring more of those things into your life. YOU DESERVE IT!

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