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Major Obstacles To Selling

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One of the largest obstacles to selling is that the sales person is not living congruently with their cognitions. I have noticed many attributes that contribute to a successful sales person. I will outline good attributes to have and common areas that will cause you to lose the deal.

Powerful closers do all of the following:

-Accepts 100% responsibility for their results. They realize the importance of ownership.
-High levels of empathy and they really care about their customer
-Intensely goal oriented. Frequently sets goals and works to achieve them.
-Above average will power and determination to succeed
-Believe in themselves and in their company
-Always honest with themselves and with other people.
-Visualization - create a clear mental picture of the person you want to be and the goals you want to accomplish see yourself as confident and a good closer relaxed and see your prospects and how they will react and yourself enjoying all the rewards.

Beware of these common areas that will cause you to lose the deal.

1. Negative expectation or prejudging
•Takes all enthusiasm out of sales person

2. Lack of Sincerity
•More concerned with earning commission
•Concentrate on helping the customer

3. Different Wave Length
•Analytical Vs emotional
•Use tag team sales.

4. You can never sell to someone you don't like and vice versa
•People skills
•Learn to serve

5. Tell a prospect is wrong or arguing with them
Never argue with a prospect
A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still

6. Discussing personal subjects

7. Knocking the Competition
•Lose credibility

8. Making promises you can't keep
•Engage in overselling
•Never say something a product can't do

9. Not building the dream
•What are the benefits of your product

10. Don't give up
•Close 5 times

Resolve to pay the price to succeed. Decide exactly what you want in life and determine the price you are going to have to pay to get it.

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