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Finding the Right Coach

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Who is the Best Coach For Achieving Your Goals?

A friend of mine was recently at a Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen workshop. They were promoting their Enlightened Millionaire Program. One of the topics he told me they covered was looking for a personal coach.

So let’s think of a few subjects where there could be personal coaches.

Talk show
Real Estate Investor

Now what I found interesting was what my friend said everybody answered for some of the above. They thought the best basketball coach would be Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods for Golf , Joe Montana for football, Weightlifting a lot would like Arnold Schwarzenegger to be their personal trainer, on confidence Anthony Robbins of NLP fame was picked, Money a lot said they would like Donald Trump or Bill Gates, Sex and they would answer Ron Jeremy, Real Estate a lot answered Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad Poor Dad fame.

The logic here might seem great. If you wish to be good at a particular skill than find somebody heavily well known as being great at that talent or skill. Sometimes though that is not exactly the case.

My friend went on about how he then thought of the Green Bay Packers as they had won two superbowls. The unexpected had happened their beloved coach Vince Lombardi decided that coaching the Green Bay Packers was no longer what he wanted to do. The Green Bay Packers actually tested two coaches and they tried the above after the two other coaches failed. The Packers took up Bart Starr their successful quarterback as their new coach. He is a great quarterback but didn’t do as well as a coach.

A lot of people do not realize playing skills and coaching skills are two different mediums. Vince Lombardi was never a great football player but is an incredible coach.

If I wanted a Real Estate Investing coach a lot of people would pick Robert Kiyosaki. Well who were his mentors? Where did he learn about houses and real estate? Was he self taught? Or did he learn from somebody else. It turns out Robert Kiyosaki learned a lot from John Burley about Real Estate investing. John Burley also teaches and coaches others and a lot of his students have success.

Michael Jordan the famous basketball player has actually also been a coach. Look at the results of him coaching basketball teams. He is one of the most incredible basketball players but his coaching skills are not even close to his playing skills.

The Wizards the Washington team he coach have floundered under Jordan's leadership. They were 110-179 after Jordan began calling the shots and had left the team. Not exactly top performance. The Wizards soon gave him the boot as a coach.

Now let us take the famous Tiger Woods. He turned heads when he started winning so much at golf. Than one day he decided to fire Butch Harmon. Tiger Woods has not won a major tournament since the 2002 U.S. Open. That was the same year he stopped having Butch Harmon as his coach. “Tiger Woods is not playing well, he is not working on the right things in his golf swing although obviously Tiger thinks he is,” Harmon told a reporter for a media writer at Sky Sports. Woods received a two-over-par 72 in his first round at the U.S. Open. Woods is not the same golfer who won 7-of-11 majors beginning with the 1999 PGA Championship, and he’s quick to admit it. How much credit do you think Butch Harmon deserves here? Some top coaches are saying they see problems in his swing and think that because Tiger doesn’t have Butch around is a big reason for it.

So remember when you are looking for a coach. The best thing to look at is the results of the students. Who has the top students? That is who your coach should be.

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