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Sales Structure and Strategy

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Over the years, I have found a certain structure to the sales process. It is a very generic way of thinking of the sales process, but it may be useful for some to think about particular areas of it.

  1. Make a Connection
  2. Make an Appointment
  3. Get ready for the Sale
  4. Engage the Prospect in a way that gains his or her interest
  5. Prove the value of your offer
  6. Come to some kind of agreement
  7. Deliver the product or service
  8. Service the product or service

It is important to create and environment that compels your client to buy from you again, refer other people to you, and speak positively about you. In a word, over deliver. Over deliver whenever possible. Here is the over deliver philosophy:

  1. Give Value First
  2. Help People
  3. Be the Best
  4. Establish Long-Term Relationships
  5. Have Fun Doing It!

Here are some useful exercises:

  1. Write an Article
  2. Get on a Talk Show
  3. Give a Speech
  4. Create an E-Zine
  5. Provide a Free Seminar
  6. Go to a Networking Event
  7. Give Referrals to a Client

Giving referrals is probably the best thing you can do for a business associate.


And follow-up is absolutely imperative to making a sale. Never send a proposal without making a firm follow-up appointment in person or over the phone.

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