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Building a Web-Based Business

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Whether you are starting a new business, taking your business to the next level, or taking your business into the global market, we provide services in the FOUR key areas of focus for any Internet-Based Business!

  1. Turn Your Web Presence into a Customer Generating Machine - Converting Targeted Leads To Prospects and Customers.
  2. Use “Sticky” Features to Keep Your Customers Coming Back Time and Time Again! 
  3. Explode Your Traffic with Social Media Advertising - Get Targeted Leads!
  4. Easy-To-Access-and-Understand Statistics - Use Our Systems to Increase Sales and Value for Your Brand! Turn website visitors into customers!

 Your Web Presense is Your Store Front!

Our Multiple Website Marketing Platform allows you to connect your entire web presence into a single Customer Generating Machine that converts targeted leads to prospects and customers. This is your first and most important step in creating a web-based business. Your web presence is your virtual store front, it represents your virtual real estate dynasty, and each website or social media account represents a virtual advertising billboard for your business!

Most Sales Require Multiple Touch Points!

Although you most likely won't make a sale on the first visit, the more times each targeted lead comes back to your site, the more likely it is that you will get a sale! Sticky Items like changing content, statistics, new features, free items, etc. keep your targeted leads coming back time and time again!

 Get Targeted Leads Quickly!

We have a social media advertising program that generates huge traffic quickly and once in place generates ongoing "word of mouth" BUZZ that grows month to month and year to year. If you don't know the power of social media, think of it as a virtual real estate grab where we place a campaing in place once, and your content gets targeted traffic for life! A one time campaign per new content page is basically a one time fee to promote each piece of content - it is not at all like pay per click (PPC) where you pay month after month and when you get just one click, that money is gone forever!

Improving Conversion Rates!

Each time you get a new website visitor, you get a new chance to make a sale. You may have an in-between step where you convert targeted leads to prospects, like a sign up form that turns targeted leads to prospects. This basic conversion formula just described provides 3 key statistics you can use to improve each conversion process.

  • How many targeted leads are you getting?
  • How many leads do you convert to prospects?
  • How many prospects do you convert to customers?

With our statistical system, you can easily measure your success and improve your process. The net result is that you get more sales and can plan for success - you know what works!

How does all this work with my branding message?

We use intelligent design to guide the targeted leads into a positive understanding of your message and to convert the experience into a conversion for your product or service (sign up, buy now, call now, etc.). We also have an easy-to-use form-based content management system you can use to manage your content (we will also make changes for you, upon request).

Many people have either paid thousands of dollars for a site or tried to build it themselves only to find that they may have a pretty face, but no brains behind the web site to automate the sales process. In today's Internet, web site owners must tie the site into an automated sales system to get any value from the site.

Your chances of converting visitors to customers is dramatically increased using our state of the art technology and sales systems. Also, our content management prevents you from "breaking" your site. It is easy-to-use and provides built in SEO techniques that get your content effectively indexed by the search engines.

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