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Buz-R - Buzz Counter and Buzz Creation - Self or Interview Assessment

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So much money is being spent on advertising, but there is no guaranteed return on investment (ROI). We have provided a few questions about your current advertising experiences on the web that you can use to review your current situation and get an instant assessment on the value of your investment!

Buz-R Assessment - Get an Instant Advertising Strategy Assessment. These questions can be reviewed alone, or with a friend!

  1. Do you advertise on the web now?
  2. - - YES: What forms of advertising do you do?
  3. What is your cost per targeted lead?
  4. - - PPC on Google can cost as much as $10 to $80 per click, that's just one visitor to your web page.
  5. We will get that cost down to less than $0.10 per visitor in 10-12 months.
  6. Our run-once campaigns provide 500+ targeted leads in your first month at less than $1.00 each
  7. These leads continue month after month, usually getting 5,000 or more targeted leads over the first 10-12 months.
  8. Ask about banner advertising (FaceBook or LinkedIn ads).
  9. Low-Cost PPC: These are generally leads that are targeted based on obscure keywords that don't actually generate targeted leads, just leads that may or may not be interested in the information. Low Cost PPC is usually generated through misspelled words or obscure key phrases that aren't searched very often.
  10. Directory Listings: There are many sites provide traffic through listing your site along with your competitors. These are very inexpensive and are of some value, but there are better ways to spend your advertising money.

If you are paying more than $1 per targeted lead, you are paying too much!.

Requirements for the Buz-R Program:

  • Candidates must agree to release at least one new content page or article each month on their servers or ours. Optionally, we will review or write the copy and format the content page for the Candidates, as requested. We reserve the right to reject content that is not appropriate or that we don't think will be attractive to the 3,000+ social media site members in our network.
  • Candidates must agree to placing a Visitor Sessions Counter on each content web page with traffic display for last 30 days and monthly report.
  • Candidates must be able to continue the program for 12 additional monthly campaigns after the first no-cost campaign is run, provided generate at least 120 shares/votes (visitors that share the content with their friends in the social media sites) and 500 visitor sessions in the first 30 days.

Review the progress regularly to make sure you content is on track.

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