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Website Design and Hosting Add-Ons!

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This is the Insider's Pricing for Add-On Functionality for Your Website!

50% off to eWorkshop Courses Customers

Contact Form - We will set up a newsletter delivery system, which can also be used with drip marketing campaigns for just $99 - this includes the opt-in form on your website. We will also review, set up and send your newsletters for you for just $49 each. We currently recommend iContact for this and would be glad to either do this for you, or train you on how to do this yourself.

Article, Newsletter or Web Page Copy Review - (Click Here for Details) - When you are ready to make that next step to becoming a better writer, our expert writers can help. Writing quality copy is one of the most fundamental issues in creating credibility. You get a mentor and a full report with suggested corrections and potential improvements.

Article or Copy Writing for Your Web Page or Article - (Click Here for Details) - Writing quality copy is one of the most fundamental issues in creating credibility. Although you may think having a "pretty face" with a flashy look and feel is the best way to attract business, experts agree that your marketing money is best spent on your copy. For anyone that doesn't yet have the skill or time to write, this is a great option.

Video on Your Site - Although you can easily add YouTube videos to your website using the Article Advocates system at no cost, you can also create eWorkshops and online video courses available only to your members (member log in required). We can separate access to various videos per member type, or per purchase. We can also limit access to web pages on your site to various membership types. Price based on the complexity of the project.

Drip Marketing Campaigns - (Click Here for Details) - As you develop your products and services and as your prospects and customers demonstrate interest in specific products and services you have mentioned in your newsletters, we design a tactical drip marketing campaign to entice buyers into the buying process. Note that a drip is an email with information on your product or service that points directly to a product or service sales page on your web site. This can be integrated with our contact form.

Survey, Instant Assessment or Evaluation - (Click Here for Details) - Every time website visitors find you and your offers online, they are immediately qualifying you as a potential supplier of something they need. Although things have changed in the way people do business on the Web, people still need to know, like and trust you to do business with you, and you still need to qualify people to determine if you want to do business with them.

Migration of Web Pages - If you already have a website with content and don't have time to move the content yourself, we will do it for you for $10 per page for existing customers, normally $20 per page for new customers. HTML formatting and picture migration extra. Significant discounts available for database migration of content.

File Upload Add On - We can set up an upload interface to allow you to upload and manage files like image and spreadsheets on your Article Advocates account for $499 - available to existing customers only.

Website Menu System - Our system allows you to create an infinite number of web pages, but how do you manage them on your website. Our menu system provides a way to easily manage large numbers of web pages. We have several versions of this menu system, and can customize it as needed. Pricing is based on the complexity of the project. (click here for demo) - $299 ($499 with search page)

Dynamic Content Generator - Your website can dynamically pull content quality articles from the Article Advocates system based on keyword matching with your other content. Just $49 - one time set up fee. Or, you can select the content to be added. Just $149 - one time set up fee. This module is usually placed in a right column and generates increased search engine rankings for your website.

Ask the Expert - This system allows your visitors to ask you questions directly, without exposing your phone number or email address. Once the question is submitted, you get an email with the question. You can then just go to the site and add an answer and publish it on the website. You can also edit the question, if necessary, to help get to the point quickly. This translates into a Frequently Asked Questions document and repository. Call for pricing.

FAQ Search - As you get more questions in the system, we can add a search interface, and allow you to select or have the system select the most popular questions on the main display! Because you decide whether to publish questions or not, anonymous submissions are also allowed. Call for pricing.

eCommerce Integrations - we can integrate your website with shopping carts like 1ShoppingCart or merchant accounts with PayPal, Google Checkout or Authorize.Net when you are ready to set up your products and services for your virtual store front. Call for pricing.

Ning Site Set Up - If you want your own social network on Ning, we will discuss all the options and then set that up for you with a custom look and feel. Call for pricing.

Custom Development - The web can do so many things, and there are a number of features that you may need that aren't currently available anywhere. We provide custom application design and can attach it to your website. You an create any number of access points and administrative levels so that your organization can tie it's face-to-face processes into their websites. Priced per project.

Get Started with just $99 down - any project.

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