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Working with the new Buzz Standard

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PPC Displaced by Social Media Buzz

Forbes published an article late in 2006 on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how expensive Pay Per Click (PPC) was becoming. Keywords that used to cost pennies per click now cost dollars per click. At the time, $10 per click was considered expensive and PPC this was the best form of advertising on the web. Clicks for the most popular keywords now can cost as much as $80 or more per click, but there is now a new kid on the block - Social Media Advertising! In the same way that SEM replaced traditional advertising 10 years ago, Social Media Advertising is now replacing SEM!

What is Social Media Buzz?

Unlike SEM where people are searching for specific keywords and finding business claims directly, social media buzz is "friends sharing with friends" what they like. It is the "New Word of Mouth" and is much more credible than what people find in search engines. Unlike SEM where you buy a click and it is gone forever, social media buzz stays in place for a long time, and in most cases, it stays in place for years. Also, when people find your business in the social media sites, they have effectively bypassed the search engines.

Social Media Buzz Generates Targeted Leads and Customers for Your Business

We specialize in building social media buzz around your content. When we run a social media advertising campaign for your content, this translates to targeted traffic immediately, but the real value is the spread of this word of mouth as others find your content and tell others. This is what is called the "viral" effect. We initiate it once, then you get targeted traffic for years to come. It is important to produce regular new content each month, and each piece of content offers a new opportunity to launch a new social media advertising campaign.

The New Buzz Standard

As a technology development firm and social media advertising specialist, we have spent over $300,000 since 2006 developing our technologies and testing our practices to the point that we can guarantee results. Our system generates 300-1,000+ unique targeted visitor sessions in the first 30 days and continues to generate targeted traffic for your content over the following months and years. We also have an auditing system, which shows the total number of "votes" you have received on multiple social media sites from the registered social media users in our circle that have read and shared your content. This "vote counter" can be displayed on your content and links to the auditable report. It just doesn't make sense to put a counter for each social media site you are marketing to anymore since there are literally thousands of social media sites available today.

Cost Benefits of Our Program

If measured over just the first month, our campaigns cost less than 8% of a traditional PPC campaign, and over a 12-month period, the cost goes down to a fraction of 1% because with PPC you rent your traffic, but with social media advertising, we put it in place once and it continues to grow - there is no ongoing cost! With costs per click as much as $10 to $80 for hot keywords, $3,000 to $10,000 per month is a common first step in budgeting advertising budgets. Our campaigns are priced at a fraction of this amount, and unlike PPC where someone clicks once and the money is spent, social media advertising provides an ongoing "viral" spread of your information throughout the social media sites.

Case Studies on Effective Social Media Advertising

We have been testing this approach for over three years and are finding that our results increase with each campaign. As we build our following, the buzz spreads quicker and more traffic is generated. In 2007, we found that generally 10-15 "shares" or "votes" within a social media site was all it took to generate the viral spread of content. Now it takes about 60-100 "shares" or "votes", but we are currently getting much more than this in the first month for every piece of content we share. Also, there are so many more social media sites now, so although the newer ones can still be dominated with 10-15 "shares" or "votes", more established sites like Twitter and Digg take 60-100 "shares" or "votes" to get dominant positioning.

Special Offer - Find New Customers Through Social Media Advertising!

We are currently seeking just a few businesses to participate in our social media advertising program. Qualified businesses must be able to place good informational content on a regular basis, at least monthly. Social Media Advertising is a great addition, or replacement for traditional or PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Check Out Our Google Plus Program!

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