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I have found and paid for so many offers for "SECRETS" that were supposed to guarantee revenue from the Internet, that I have become very skeptical of any offer like this. In almost every case, I have found one common factor that has made them all losing propositions. The key element is that when you dig deep into their plans, they are just giving a little information on how I can do it myself. It always comes down to me doing everything, and they overwhelm me with what I have to do...

One of the things that attracted me to the Customer Generating Machine (CGM) is that it combines a number of things that none of these other offers provided. The most important was that I could simply create a profile, and I could immediately check how the systems was working. More than that, I was earning a profit within a 3 weeks. I didn't even have to have my own product or service to sell.

I earn my living as a proof-reader and have worked for the parent company Net-Teams in the past as a proof reader. Since then, I have also been a customer and am surprised at how comprehensive this new program is. Two of the services included in the Customer Generating Machine (CGM) that I have bought in the past are the Business Plan Consultations and the Contact Management System. They are also combining other services into this program that I was interested in, but didn't get around to, like Drip Marketing, Multiple Website Marketing and Social Media Advertising. I am not a techie, so I was very attracted to the idea that the CGM does all this for me.

The CGM program instructs you on how to make use of their free blogging system Article Advocates. I use this system to hold all of my articles and private notes on my ideas for new articles. It also has a unique article syndication feature that makes my articles available many other websites - I haven't seen this on any other blogging system. I am also using it to develop a sales funnel. This is something new that I am learning with the CGM program too.

So my recommendation is to give this a try. It has huge depth and is working for me. I think the educational aspect alone is worth many times what I am paying. My first task was to build my profile, and I had some discussions with the CMG team to work out a branding strategy. This was something I hadn't even considered. Also, I had already purchased the eBook (Bonus 1) on Social Media Marketing and Syndication, and I recommend this too as a powerful insight into what is going on with advertising today. I am by no means an advertising expert, and barely a novice, but I think if you take all of this together, it is the best opportunity on the web today!

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