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Answers - How Much Do You Know About China? Take a Test

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There are 24 correct answers.
If you get all 24 correct you are an expert on China.
If you get at least 12 right you probably won’t get into too much trouble in China.
If you get less than 6 right you are a dufus when it comes to China. Don’t go until you do a whole lot more studying or you will make all kinds of social graces mistakes and get thrown into a dungeon with rest of the foreign dufuses.


1. b
2. a
3. b c
4. b
5. c
6. a c d e
7. c
8. a
9. b c
10. b d
11. a
12. b c
13. b c d
14. a d f

1. Chinese people nod or bow slightly when greeting others. But if you are a Westerner they probably will shake your hand but wait until they extend their hand first.

2. Always arrive on time or a little earlier for a meeting. Chinese are very prompt people. It would be rude to make them wait. If you are the host be there early so you're settled and are ready to welcome them.

3. Wait until your hosts let you know when to start eating. Never begin to eat or drink before your host does. Same rule applies to Western social graces.

4. Sticking your chopsticks straight up in your rice bowl is considered rude because it looks like the incents they use during funerals and religious ceremonies.

5. If you are visiting/inspecting factories or schools or some thing like that in China you may be greeted with applause to welcome your visit. It is proper to applaud back.

6. Always show deference to the elder. In China elders are respected. How you show respect is let them go first through the door. In a business meeting the highest-ranking member of your group should lead the way. It might take many visits to China before you start to establish a relationship and trust. It is important to nurture your relationship.

7. China has the oldest recorded history of 4,000 years. Remember there is a pride of knowing your ancestors in their being.

8. The official language in China is Mandarin.

9. Beijing (use to be called Peking) is the capital of China for over 800 years.

10. You need patience to work with the Chinese, don’t show any negative emotion or raise your voice – if you do you lose and show your weakness. Know that they will negotiate with you until the day you will leave China and even after you signed a contract. Go there knowing you will have to go around in circles for awhile to get what you want. Patience is key to the negotiation. Never let them know you have a due date for your negotiations, for they might use it against you.

11. Chinese wives do not use their husband’s surnames. They continue to use their maiden name.

12. Chinese are opposite of Italians. They are not touchy people so it’s best to keep your hands to yourself. Don’t pat them on their shoulders or hug them especially elders and people in important positions. Chinese point with their open hand instead of using their finger.

13. Usually for business you will be invited to a banquet. Eat lightly from the beginning because there could be more than 15 courses that will be served. When you see fruits it usually means the end of the course. Always leave a little on your plate to show that you are full. If you clear your plate it will be taken as though you didn’t get enough to eat. It is appropriate to reciprocate by giving a banquet that at least matches what they did for you. Don’t over do your host because it will look like you are trying to show him up. Spend the same amount of money per person as your host did.

14. Gift giving is in violation of Chinese law but everyone does it. Don’t give expensive gifts it could create a problem for the receivers especially if others know about it. When receiving or giving a gift use both hands. Don’t open your gift in front of the giver. The best gift is food but don’t take food gifts to a banquet. Red is a good color because it is a lucky color. Pink and yellow are colors of prosperity. White is the color used for funerals. Dead people wear white.

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