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The Evolution of Advertising - Social Media Has Taken Charge

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Television, Radio and Paper Advertising (Newspapers and Magazines)

The traditional forms of advertising that existed before the Internet was released to the public in 1994 have lost their weight in today's virtually connected world. Broadcasting a message to everyone in the world was nearly impossible not too long ago. Global exposure was only available for things like the Olympics or some news item that caught on in the press.

The Power of the Internet

Now, anyone with an idea can release it on the Internet for free and it has the potential to be read by everyone in the world that has an Internet connection. Blogging systems, websites and other publishing methods are available to anyone with something to say at a cost of nothing to near nothing. The problem now is that there is so much information available that getting your message noticed is difficult at best and near impossible at worst.

Content As a Marketing Asset

Creating and publishing attractive content that directs people to your website sales pages is the current tried and true way to build customers for your business or interest in your project. Before the Internet, people simply had to know about you to do business with you, but as cities grew larger, people had to know and trust you to do business with you. As populations and the number of services providers grew, competition grew and people had to know, like and trust you to do business with you.

On the Internet, you can easily publish free useful information that triggers these three factors - know, like and trust. You can trigger these three factors through just one good article, and then you can provide a call-to-action for the reader. This is the way business is done on the Internet now - Content Is King!

Advertising On The Internet

Marketing was the only promotional option on the Internet until fairly recently. There was no direct way to measure how effective your marketing was. PPC (Pay Per Click) was the first real advertising technique available on the web, and it just came into full effect just a few years ago. It allowed people to get a definite ROI (return on investment) for their advertising dollars. Your ads were viewed and "clicked", which is a definite measure how effective your promotion actually is. When you can measure the real effect you are getting, this is advertising, not marketing.

There have been many attempts to generate traffic through social media in the last couple years, but none has provided this level of guarantee - something that you can measure and determine what you are getting for your money - until now. Social Media Advertising is a whole new way to get a guaranteed ROI for your advertising dollar!

Social Media Buzz

Social Media Buzz generates traffic directly from the social media sites and increases your rankings in the search engines. When people read and like your content, they provide "Votes" and anyone can actually look up and see the real users that have voted. This has the effect of building exposure in the social media sites and generating traffic within each of them. As search engines check this buzz in the social media sites, it also builds rankings within the search engines and traffic is increased from these search sites too.

Social Media Advertising (Our System)

Although there are companies out there that will sell back links to your web content, this is considered social media spam and you need to be careful of these types of activities. The appropriate way to get votes is organically from people that are actually interested and read your content. If they read and like your content, they will provide votes, or buzz for your content. This is hugely valuable as mentioned earlier.

What we have done is create several social media syndicates that are interested in each others' content. As we submit content, it becomes available to everyone in our syndicates, and we classify the content in such a way so that people are only getting content in which they are interested. We also provide a quality control check to make sure the content is appropriately categorized.

Once we have properly categorized and qualified content, we have found that these submissions are consistently getting at least 50, 100, 150 or more votes quickly, within a couple weeks. We do not pay people in our syndicate, so this is not spam. This is a submission service, and we guarantee the votes that are provided by our syndicate. Although you will get additional votes outside of our syndicate, we only audit people in our syndicate, so the reports we provide show the minimum amount of votes you have received while the promotion has been engaged.

This is the new evolution of advertising. It is effective and has proven to generate significant traffic to our own content and that of our customers. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, which provides a guaranteed ROI for your advertising dollar - something that you can audit and something that you control! Jump on the Social Media Band-Waggon today!

Note that when these votes are in place, they stay in place for a long time. They have a long shelf life, unlike traditional advertising. When you run a television or radio ad, they are gone right after they are broadcast, and that is the end of it. Social media votes stay in place for many years in most case, continually building the buzz you need to get traffic for your site!

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