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Content as an Asset

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Each piece of content you generate is an asset that creates real value for your business as a prospect generator. To bring home this point, imagine that you create just one short article per month and promote it through social media. If you connect each to your sales funnel process and each begins to generate prospects through your opt-in form, you will see more and more subscribers each month.

In the following example, we add one article per month and capture 10 leads per month per article. The key to this concept is that each article remains in place attracting leads each month, and as you add more content, the effect is cumulative.

You can also attach cost per article versus cost per lead in cases where you hire a writer and pay to post and promote each article. In this scenario, you would have a fixed cost per month, but the number of leads would increase each month and decrease your cost.

Let’s take a look at the following adjusted matrix where I added a fixed cost of $900 per month to hire a writer, pay to post and promote each article and see how this works with the same 10 leads generated per month.

You can see how quickly the cost per lead decreases with content (article) marketing. The content also acts as a lead generator as long as it is available and can be factored in as a company asset while it builds value for your business.

For shorter articles of 500-800 words, you can get them written for you for as low as a few hundred dollars each and arrange discounts for long-term contracts for monthly and weekly article marketing campaigns. After a year, your business has a significant set of assets that can help you get loans or capital for expansion and growth.

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