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The Ten-Workshop Road to Better Investment Performance --- Yeah, They're FREE!

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Most investors jump into their investment programs without a clear understanding of the process, the securities, or the risks involved in the effort. Few hold valid expectations, and most choose to ignore the cyclical nature of the investment marketplace. This poor preparation is an endemic problem of our society, made profitable by Wall Street, for Wall Street.

It's time to stop the bleeding! Get some education before throwing good money after bad into the same tired products. Once you complete these workshops, you will be able to create a plan, implement it, manage it intelligently, and have a much better chance of attaining your goals.

Performance questions about the methodology we're teaching? It isn't new, but it most likely has done better than what you've been trying --- and you will learn why.

 In these 10 workshops (presented in three sessions), expect to learn:

  • A  new (to you) Investment Methodology, presented by a panel of experienced investment professionals.
  • How to develop a safe, consistent, and growing cash flow during all market conditions.
  • How to anticipate market corrections, plan for them, and take advantage of the opportunities they always provide.
Workshop #1: How to Develop an Investment Plan
Workshop #2: How to Minimize Investment Risk
Workshop #3: How to Anticipate changes in the Investment Environment
Workshop #4: How to Manage a Retirement (or any) Income Portfolio
Workshop #5: How to Manage an Equity Portfolio
Workshop #6: How to exorcise the Wall Street Performance Demons
Workshop #7: Miscellaneous Investment Q & A
Workshop #8: Tools - Rules - Concepts
Workshop #9: Investment Terms YOU Need To Dig Into
Workshop #10: What's Your Investment IQ?


Seven reasonable performance expectations using the Working Capital Model and the Market Cycle Investment Management methodologies:

  1. Achieve higher lows during market downturns.
  2. Move to cash before corrections erase your gains.
  3. Lose less market value than my markets.
  4. Have dependable base income --- all the time.
  5. Move back to new high levels before the market does.
  6. Never see reasonable security profts disappear --- ever.
  7. Grow my annual "base income" year after year after...

 Investment training is also available at your convenience:

  • On the web in private workshops
  • Face-to-face at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, and
  • At reasonable locations of your choice.

Contact Steve to arrange or face-to-face meetings, workshops, and seminars (a minimum of ten people must attend).

Play golf with Investment Professional, Author, and Columnist Steve Selengut at Turtle Point, Kiawah Island.



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