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Where To Buy Your Domain Name

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Do you need a domain name for your business? Here are just a few ways of purchasing one.

1. Think Up and Register Your Own Original Domain Name

Think up your own original name and register it at a domain name registrar. Although this seems obvious, many people feel that all the good domain names are already taken.

It is true that it won't be easy to come up with a suitable name that has not already been registered. However, with some careful thought, you may come up with your own original domain name.

For example, I once was going to buy a certain domain name but someone else beat me to it. Upon reflection, I came up with a comparable (if not better) domain name myself and simply registered it.

2. Buy Already Expired Domain Names

Sometimes you can find the domain name you want from a list of already expired domain names. (I did!)

Visit (or a similar site) to "Search through deleted domains" by keyword.

This way you pay no commission (just the nominal domain name registration fee) as you are simply registering a "new" domain name.

3. Buy Domain Names on eBay

Another source of domain names is eBay. Look under both of these categories:

Computers & Networking: Other Hardware & Services: Domain Names; and

Business & Industrial: Websites & Businesses For Sale: Internet Businesses, Websites.

4. Approach the Domain Name Registrant

Perhaps the name you want has already been registered by someone else. Why not approach the domain name owner and make an offer? The owner's contact information may be available on their website or from the domain name registrar.

5. Search the Internet

Visit domain name brokers, for sale and classified sites, forums, newsgroups, expiring domain names websites, search engines, auction sites, and other websites to find your domain name.

These, then, are just a few suggestions on where to buy your domain names.

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