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MSN & Yahoo Communities (The Basics)

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I'm sure at one time or another, we've all explored either an msn or yahoo community or both. Communities are a FREE service that allows us to build and manage, discussion groups, family sites, business communities etc.

These communities can be a powerful tool to promote your business only if you know how to use them effectively.

There are 100's of very popular communities that allow anyone to post as many "Classified Ads" as possible. Unless you to spend hours doing this, I suggest you leave if be for the time being.

What I'd like to focus more on is "WHY" you should create your own msn & yahoo community for yourself!

See, many of the best search engines will pick up your community because of the sheer size and popularity of msn & yahoo.

Also, I see many marketers wasting a lot of time because they are trying to promote too many services or opportunities at one time. A community will allow you to add ALL that you promote into one site and then all you have to worry about is promoting that one site!

This won't happen over night and learning how to easy it is to build & manage your own community will be posted in the next issue #2.

Before we get into that, you'll want to join the "Top Rated" communities in the business sections. Doing this will allow you to familiarize yourself with what is "the norm" with these communities. Also, after you've made the necessary adjustments and you've prepared your own community, you'll be using all the top communities to promote your own.

I must apologize to those who have never joined and msn or yahoo community. You'll need to sign up for a user passport which is simply an msn or yahoo e-mail and password.

For an msn passport click below:

For a yahoo passport click below:
Yahoo Passport Sign Up

When signing up for an msn community, you'll want to click the option "READ ALL MESSAGES ONLINE". This way you won't fill your e-mail account with countless messages that are posted everyday... Also, click on "KEEP MY E-MAIL PRIVATE" so that you don't get any junk this way either.

And now you have the basics of communities, please look for the sequel to this article titled:

"Building & Managing your own community"

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