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What is a tag?

Tags are keywords that you use in your blog post. If you have a blog about dogs and you just write a post about dog food, your possible tags would be, say: dog, dogs, dog food, natural dog food, dog food recipe, and any other keywords that you used in your post.

How to use tags

Tags using your blog URLs:

<*a href="[tagname]" rel="tag">[keyword]<*/a>
(remove asterisks in actual code)


<*a href= rel=”tag”>dog food<*/a>

If you are using Wordpress blogs you can set tags using Wordpress search function:

<*a href= rel=”tag”>dog food<*/a>

Using Technorati Tags:

<*a href= rel=”tag”>dog food<*/a>

Ping Technorati and IceRocket using following URLs to your ping list:

You can also ping Technorati and IceRocket manually by going to and

You can use to ping more than 60 ping services in the same time.

Technorati and IceRocket will index your blog posts according to tags that you used.

Some of Technorati tags pages are highly ranked in search engines. Search engines bots spider daily these pages and when it finds your tags it will index your blog posts too.

It is recommended to use this method for each post that you write. By adding tags to your post you can drive more targeted traffic to your blog.

By using this method you can index your blogs in 24-48 hours depending on the popularity of the tags you used.

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