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Multiple Website Marketing (MWM) Strategy

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PPC (Pay Per Click) is a quick way to build traffic - it is advertising. You rent keywords for a limited time and it is a full time job to maintain value for the prices paid. PPC requires skill and time to manage, so most people end up paying for both the advertising and the management of PPC campaigns.

Being listed in the organic searches doesn't cost anything, but its very difficult to get the high rankings you need to build traffic, and you can spend a small fortune hiring experts to design your web site to get the high rankings you need.

These are two valid approaches to Internet marketing, but lets face it, rankings are not the goal - traffic is the goal and that's what matters. There are people out there that will try to convince you that ranking high on the search engines is everything, but this is just one way to get traffic to your web site, and search engines are loosing ground to more effective means of building traffic.

Social media marketing (SMM) uses traffic from other sites to generate interest in your products and services, but each is different and there is a learning curve for each and most don't allow you a vertical sales approach. But with some social networking and social media sites, you can add video and podcasts, so this offers a great way to introduce your products and services.

Traffic that comes directly from social media sites completely bypasses the search engines. It also increases search engine rankings.

Multiple Website Marketing (MWM) is a way to use multiple web sites to market products and services. You have probably seen the old school funnel pages that are built with the red and black text and keep you scrolling forever to get to the punch line and constantly attempt to close you in the process. They are attached to separate domain names and are effectively a one page web site.

Other terms for this type of site are micro sites and mini sites. With the funnel site approach, the goal is usually to get you to give your name and email address to get some free information, and then send you to another micro site for the close. Some businesses focus their entire business on the sale of leads through this initial process, funneling visitors to their customers. With this approach, there is a single link out from the funnel site, and only after the conversion of capturing your email information.

Another technique is to use this MWM process to build traffic for your own products and services, or to send traffic to multiple partner affiliate sites. Every link from one of your web sites to another site is considered and out bound link. When another site provides a link back to one of your web sites, this are considered in bound links. Each out bound and in bound link is considered an interlink.

The MWM strategy is to build an effective interlinking strategy over a period of months so that you have a large number of in bound and out bound links that generates huge traffic to your web sites which subsequently increases your rankings in the search engines.

Connecting your various websites by providing relavant links from one place to another is the most important key to building search engine optimization and traffic.

Google used the counting of interlinks to establish itself as the most effective search tool on the Internet (it counted links to and from web sites to establish credibility and ranking). This is still one of the primary calculations Google still uses today to rank sites higher in search results.

So lets run the same numbers we ran above for 15 interlinked web sites, each with 10 outbound links. If linked to other websites owned by you, these 10 outbound links also count as 10 inbound links, or 20 interlinked connections between your websites.

Some companies charge as much as $30 to $60 to negotiate inbound links to your website with other website owners. This is called "link building" and 3-month packages range from $10,000 to over $50,000 from most companies that specialize in this service. The problem is that you are at the whims of the other website owners that provide these inbound links to your website.

A better approach is to actually build and own your own websites and interlink them, but paying someone to build just one website is going to cost much more as much as $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the vendor. The problem here, besides the obvious cost of building 15-60 websites like this, is that most companies that provide websites don't provide effective SEO within the websites, so you are stuck with a pretty face that doesn't really do anything for your marketing.

Now imagine registering domain names on sites like GoDaddy, which is very inexpensive, and building your own websites. There is a huge initial learning curve and what you put together visually is only about 10% of what needs to be done. You will have to learn SEO, and keep in mind that the rules change almost weekly, so even after you learn the basics, there is a continued learning process.

The solution we recommend is to have a single hosted service for all of your domains, where you can keep your domain on sites like GoDaddy, keep control of your domains, interlink them to all your websites, feature own products and services or partner sites, and test content, meta data and a themed approach to each. A true MWM solution offers a single easy-to-use interface to control all of your websites and retrieve statistics that reflect the real value of your marketing efforts - traffic, not rankings.

This is a relatively new approach to Internet marketing - we coined the term and built the tools you need to implement this strategy. If you want to get started, attend one of our free weekly webinars - we have a new focus each week and take questions at the end of each session.

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