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Finding a Referral Marketing Solution!

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We discovered the need for more effective marketing and created an entire field called "Master Mind Marketing." We saw the need a huge need for this as people exit their current lines of work and move toward starting new businesses. Also, many people have a large list of contacts and are looking to fine-tune it into something that works for them - the need is to find a way to hone the list into the few people that are really interested in working with you and creating a referral marketing group around this group of people.

So, how can you achieve this? Creating a relevant training program and find the most relevant human capital around you is the best way to solve this problem. Here are some important questions that you can ask yourself to begin the process.

1. What are your top 3 business concerns?

2. What are the top 3 things you want to accomplish?

3. What 3 specific topics are most important to you?

4. How to get a steady stream of favorable introductions and quality referrals?

5. How can you be selective in your selection process with prospective partners?

6. How can you be more effective in your marketing efforts?

7. How do you read people and connect immediately?

8. How to sell in the client's style

9. What are the best sales questions you can ask?

10. How can you re-invent or re-vitalize your practice?

11. How can you brand and identity your services?

12. How can you distinguish yourself from the competition?

13. How can you recruit top performers?

14. How do you capture and transfer critical know-how?

We have found the key to all of these is creating a referral partnership plan around power-networkers that you may already know. It is important to create an environment of assessment for your referral partners, moderated by and organized around you best customers. It is also important to identify your best prospects an easy way, or low buy-in to being your customer so they can become a part of your referral networking group.

When you want help setting up a referral networking group in your contacts, we have the plan.

Check the Master Referral Marketer (MRM) website!

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