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Real Estate Agents, Property Dealers in Delhi, India-

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Real Estate is defined as land, including the air above it and the ground below it, and any buildings or structures on it. It is also referred to as realty. It covers residential housing, commercial offices, trading spaces such as theatres, hotels and restaurants, retail outlets, industrial buildings such as factories and Government buildings.
The people dealing with the sale and purchase of real estate as a mediator between the seller and the purchaser are the Agents. The Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. The housing sector alone contributes 5-6 per cent to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Mukul India is specialized as a Real Estate agency from last 29 years. It excels in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mohan Cooperative , okhla and other high value properties in and around New Delhi-India.
The ISO certified (9001-2008) company with a maturity of more than a decade booms the real estate market. Our customer-centric approach and advanced marketing and geographical skills makes us an ultimate solution to the clients seeking knowledge and help in the Real Estate Agents in Delhi, India.
Our experience of all kinds of property deals has made us capable of handling all property documentation & legal related issues leaving no tension for our client.
We believe in getting the deals by solving all problems and issues mutually rather than cancelling the deals on small issues.

Areas of our real estate operations besides commercial, industrial & residential properties:
We can provide you with rented properties in and around Delhi for all budgets with varying returns on investment depending on type of tenants like MNC’s, Government Companies, Banks etc. and other terms of lease etc.
We can get you beautiful farmhouses in and around Delhi with best of locations, greenery & maintenance in all sizes.
We can get you guest houses in south New Delhi & other posh colonies of New Delhi.
We can get you showroom and hotel spaces in best of commercial and market places of New Delhi & around on rent, lease, purchase or franchisee basis.

We as a Property Dealers in Delhi, India specialize in high value properties in & around New Delhi. We can offer all variety for commercial, industrial & residential properties in and around New Delhi. We have much more to offer to our clients then usual real estate agencies, brokers & realtors in India, in terms of our services, standards we maintain, trustworthiness & professionalism.
Perfect real estate contract & property documentation relating to any Sale, Purchase, Lease, Renting & Collaboration of Commercial, Industrial & Residential Properties is our strength area. We ensure that interests of both the sides are safeguarded leaving no loopholes for our clients to suffer besides taking care of all legal clauses & compliances.
Please any query visit on my website: and contact on my mobile as 09811225618.

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