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At the time of applying for a PhD program in any country (or structured PhD
PhD apprentice model), or to request a quota for a research project, it is necessary submit a research proposal.The purpose of the research proposal is to ensure that candidates have already researched enough about your area of interest and can provide more than an overview of the topic research. This proposal however is not a finished project (results not be predicted in advance and will probably have to change with time.
The research project should clarify the following point’s detail
1. Identification of a scientific problem
2. The existence of a specific method to solve
3. Conducting research in a particular time and reasonable costs.

I. It must take account of the following formal aspects
1. General Information
• Length: 4-15 pages (not less than 1500 words)
• The proposal must be clear and concise
• The proposal should have a uniform and clear design: standard font (eg Arial.
Garamond, etc.), Spacing (1.5 lines), the document must include table of contents, numbers page, etc..
2. Bibliography and citation
The research proposal must be written by you. Any information from other sources should be cited. Always make sure to clearly differentiate sections in the text which have been posted by you and which by another author. Any information that is not mentioned due or that may be considered plagiarism, disqualify immediately.
3. Review
• Check grammar and writing your proposal
• Check that the title, abstract and content of the proposal are consistent
• Ask one person from the academic community to revise its proposal to ensure that meet international academic standards.
II. The proposal should have the following items
1. Home
The title page should include:
• Particulars of the applicant: name, academic title, position / title in their own university,date of birth, nationality, address work-including telephone (with indicative country and city) and email address
• Title of research project: short, clear, concise
Area of research (eg Political Science)
2. Overview of the Research and Bibliography
This section must show that you are familiar with the ideas of the area where you want investigate, and knows the methodological requirements. It should include:
• Problem motivates your research project / thesis work
• Brief and clear state of the art topic description, related to their specific research
(Incl. titles of the most important contributions of other researchers.)
• Clear and logical discussion of the theoretical and methodological framework
3. Key Research Questions and Objectives
Here you specify the relevance of their research and justify why it is carried out
• Clearly state:
? what are you trying to find out?
? What goals you want to achieve?
• Indicate your research questions presented as a hypothesis and can bee-valuated according to specific criteria
4. Methodology
• details:
? How do you plan to answer their research questions?
? What sources (scientific literature) consulted for this purpose?
? What analysis techniques used?
? How long will this last?
• Define research strategies depending on your area and field of research:
For example: description of data collection methods, controls to be introduced,statistical methods, type of analysis, etc.
Ethical aspects and anticipated difficulties in collecting data (if applicable)
5. Estimated Timeline
• Information about the estimated schedule and the time required for each of the phases
(Usually a PhD is done in 3 years)
6. Bibliography Research
• Make a list of academic works mentioned in its proposal
? At least some of them should be recent publications
? List only publications that you used to prepare your abstract research
? Never copy documents bibliographic sources.
? In case of major publications that are not in your country, you mention them in
a separate list and make it clear that he has not been able to consult yet
7. Che

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