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Social Security: Dear Congressman Nugent

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A friend of mine has spent the past few years developing a Social Security replacement and strengthening strategy. I thought you might be interested in this letter written to Congressman Richard Nugent, Republican from Florida.


This past week I and two of our board members met with our own 5th district of Fl congressman, Rich Nugent. For me this was the 3rd, dating back to his first campaign for congress. This meeting was to discuss a proposal developed by a group of Fl business owners, and retirees addressing the Social Security issue. Let me preface the following by saying I respect the Congressman as a fellow American. However, I must tell you in my opinion he’s morphing into a political animal that reflects all that’s wrong with America today.

His enthusiasm for taking on an issue that’s been used to extract 2.6 trillion dollars from the paychecks of working Americans (his constituents) in the form of retirement dollar contributions is less than impressive. Our country is crying out for leadership, not from a few citizens who are one of 300 + million, but a congressman who’s one of 435, and in a position to raise the Social Security issue to the level it deserves.

Even though the congressman comes from the law enforcement community, he not only fails to confront those who’ve stolen (not my words, theirs) 2.6 trillion of our retirement dollars, he’s joined those who hide behind a “no new tax” pledge, in an effort to pretend it never happened; that’s not leadership, that’s brinksmanship.

Here’s what the congressman has apparently chosen to ignore, and/or turn his back on --- a proposal that:

1) secures today for current retirees, by fully funding their retirement checks without revision until the day they expire,

2) unlocks tomorrow for current workers by establishing new retirement estates for millions of working Americans; they’re portable and worker owned,

3) eliminates the annual Social Security wage cap, and broadens the Social Security funding base; the plumber, the President, and the CEO all pay at the same rate; no more over payments,

4) frees up, and keeps billions of retirement dollars on America’s main streets annually; 100 plus million the first year alone in Hernando county,

5) creates member owned local Community Investment Pods or CIPs that hold and manage retirement dollars; every congressional district will have at least one,

6) uses retirement dollars to fund local bonding needs that build and/or repair America’s infrastructure (bridges, roads, schools, etc.),

7) creates hundreds of thousands of much needed new jobs all across America,

8) keeps your real estate or business tax dollars at home and in your local member owned CIP. You used to pay them, now you pay you; do the math,

9) phases out new (operative word) Social Security retiree obligations over a 35 year period,

10) insures retirement estates against catastrophic losses,

11) eliminates trillions of dollars of current general revenue fund debt,

12) eliminates tens of trillions of dollars of future liabilities; financial markets will embrace it,

13) and finally protects elected officials by creating buffer zones between them and lobbyist.

I know the congressman doesn’t serve on the ways and means committee, but he is there to serve his constituents who are impacted daily by this issue. The congressman did mention the hot button political issue, guns. May I respectfully remind him Americans own millions of guns, yet no one fired a shot, or even showed their gun while his peer group were stealing 2.6 trillion (not my words, theirs) of our retirement dollars.

One final question for the Congressman: what is this grandparent supposed to tell his 16 grandchildren, who are being financially water boarded all in the name of saving Social Security? That’s a question begging an answer, and provides an opportunity for leaders to step up, to be real leaders, and offer or support bold solutions.

When there’s no leadership, there’s no direction, and when there’s no direction, people lose their way.

Unfortunately that’s the direction our country’s headed, simply because those in a position to lead, are turning their backs on an opportunity to lead. If you’re between the age of birth and death, you have a significant financial stake in the outcome of this debate; call your Congressman and ask him/her to become a real leader.

Find details of the proposal at: Connect with Jim Gries and lend him some support.

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Replace Social Security Now --- It's Time to "ACT"

It's Time to "ACT" --- Replace Social Security Now

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