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The Discounted iPhone 4S is not a Bargain

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According to the news Apple has started emptying the shelves by providing a discount on the handset with their earlier iphone handsets so that they can create a space for the upcoming handsets, iphone 5. But this is not the perfect time period of purchasing iphone 4S. This is a public announcement and is meant for everyone but some people would agree on this statement and for some it would be worthless news. At present just ignore the discounts offered by Sprint Nextel and

Apple and if you are eager to get an iphjone handset then wait for few weeks till the launch of the upcoming iphone and then take a decision. Last week Sprint drop down the prices of the Flagship handsets to $149 from $199. Moreover the company is now providing a $100 gift card to the person who would purchase the smart phone through online. Moreover Apple would definitely counterpart the contract by contributing Apple Store credit in the similar sum. But a question arises that why Apple and Sprint are providing such heavy discounts on the iphone 4S handset.

The main reason behind this is that Sprint wants to move some stock before Apple launches its upcoming iphone 5 which is expected to be launched in the coming month. Also if the new version arrives in the market than the iphone 4S would go to be a hot seller. There are some consumers who can make up their mind for this handset with such a great offers attached to it. But there is a greater part of risk for the model iphone 4S as when the new version would arrive all the eyes would be on it and the 4S would be neglected.

So getting the handset before the arrival of the new version is not at all a good idea. However the same conditions appear before the launching of the new version for example the sales of iphone 4 drop down after the launch of iphone 4S but still are the hot sellers. Also there are many people that purchase the cell phone after listening to the news of the arrival of the new iphone. In short just wait for a while for knowing the new feature of the coming iphone and then purchase iPhone 4s deals iphone 4s top seller hanset on online mobile market.

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