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Article Advocates – the tool to help you attract more leads from the internet.

Here is the link for our Video Tutorials


  • What the heck is it?
  • Why do people use it?
  • Why should you use it?
  • What’s the reward?

A blog is a diary or journal where you can share your expertise in short segments or articles.

Visitors to your blog can learn all about you and become your next customer.

The Next time you think you need more leads and are not sure how to find them, start writing a blog!

Here is the link for our Video Tutorials

Getting started has always been a problem for so many....

  • You need a place on the Internet to post your blog - a website - but you may not be ready to publish your ideas
  • You may have notes and ideas stored on your computer that could be transformed into published articles
  • When you are ready to publish your article for everyone to see, publishing it to the web is no small task

With Article Advocates, my friends can now store ideas for articles (or blog posts) and when one is ready, have it published all over the internet with just a click or two.

Here are the top 4 features that people rave about:

  1. Social Media Sharing
  2. Article Syndication
  3. Include YouTube Videos
  4. Content Management System for Your Website

There are also many other features available to our team of bloggers!

You can learn how it works in our free course, 8 mini video lessons about 2 minutes each.

Get started using Article Advocates to promote and expose your business all over the internet.

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