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The Economic Impact Of Politics On Investing

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An Investor's Eye View of Politics: Article Archive (Unedited since the 2012 election season)

The articles linked to below provide an inventory of issues and practical answers to the policy change questions that need to be addressed by "the men who would be king". Certainly there are other issues of import, but if we can get the boys to stop the name calling and start to talk about constructive action, we may be able to move forward economically during the next four years.

A Conservative's Liberal Plan to Transform Social Security

An Investor's Eye View of the Corporate Income Tax

An Investor's View of the Fair Tax: A 2012 Resolution

Guaranteed Social Security Benefits- The Old Fashioned Way

How To Create A Fairer Tax Environment

How To Create More Jobs, America

How To Stimulate Consumer Spending and The Economy --- The Romney Plan?

Investment Politics 2012: What's (left) In Your Wallet?

Investor Political Priorities - What's On Your Mind?

Jobs - Permanent Jobs - Millions Of 'Em

Let's K.I.S.S. Social Security Goodbye

More Jobs, Fewer and Lower Taxes - The KISS Principle

"Only YOU Can Prevent Obama Care!"  

Retire Social Security Debt and Save The Economy

SIBORAP: The Securities Investors' Bill of Rights

The Congressional Reform Act of 2013 - A Proposal

Who Wants To Be President of the United States?


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