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Majority of the investigators state that there is no pre set-up and inflexible dissertation structure and most of them say that there is. In fact, the reality is somewhere in between. The students might relate common guiding principle first and then pursue the particular specifications of their educational area or their professor. Many universities follow the following structure of the dissertation writing.

Title page: This is a very first part of your dissertation paper which includes the name of a student, the main title of the paper, main purpose of the assignment presentation, and the particular institution’s name.

Abstract: Abstract is first step of the dissertation paper. This part runs about 350 to 450 words or more if required. It must tell to the potential readers the whole thing they could suppose to search in the investigation work in an outline form. They should not comprise the references or quotes here.

Acknowledgment: Acknowledgement section of the dissertation runs on a half page and it is written to show the gratitude to those persons who have helped students deeply (or even a little). The series of significance is totally up to them.

Table of Contents: This is simply a list of the titles and sub-titles, carefully explained with their page numbers. For all the earlier pages, they must make use of Roman figures, for instance (i), (ii), (iii), et cetera.

Introductory part: This section goes one hundred and fifty words in length and drafts “The major matters” which include what they are working about such as significance of their subject matter, current condition of the faculty, related and problem statements. Introductory part takes 10 percent of the entire dissertation paper.

Review of Literature: This is the summary of whole pertinent hypothesis, the arrangement of both typical and freshly available data regarding the chosen topic. This part reports for 25 percent of the whole dissertation.

Research Methodology Section: This tells what students are performing and how they perform it. Paragraphs are established by the subject matter. This takes about twenty percent of space of the entire project volume.

Findings and discussions part: This symbolizes the considerable thirty percent portion of the investigation work. These both sections clarify what students have exposed or found what they have completed from this. In the dissertation paper, and chiefly at high degree levels, substantial scrutiny is required after, not the mere explanation. Dissertation assessors see the comprehensive and imaginative approach for additional advancement consisting on dissertation paper topic area.

Concluding section or recommendations part: This must be concise and succinct. The students can comprise the main regions which might be valuable for investigating even more, and elaborate sharing, suggestions and restrictions of their investigation work.

Reference Section: It is simply a list of done works, papers and possible resources from where they have cited the content of an academic paper and the annotated bibliography is an obligatory part. This is a list of the relevant books and other available data they have used.

Appendices section: The appendices section of the dissertation might comprise and correctly arranged with;

• Questionnaires
• Images
• Charts
• Figures
• Letters
• Plans

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