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Our mission is to help you create effective strategies to improve your chances for financial recovery, to comeback. Strong.

You just wanted the bank to work with you.

You called the bank. Believing “Help is free”. Your bank said they couldn’t “help” you until you were in default. You stopped paying. And, dropped into a black hole of lost modification applications. Until they denied your “Help”. Even when you qualified. You had difficulty paying before you called the bank. You now owed thousands to catch up what the bank demanded to reinstate you. Or, after crunching the numbers, you may have chosen “strategic default”. 

Most of you left. Without a fight. It had become “indefensible”. You owed. You couldn’t pay. Affording an attorney was out of the question. Or, you defended yourselves in court “pro se”, and, lost your homes. Or, some of you hired attorneys, and, still feel “burned” by the attorneys you paid monthly to stop the banks, and, still lost your homes. Or, chose to file bankruptcy to stall the inevitable taking of your home.

“Help” was never “free”. How could you have known banks were using “deceptive practices” in the offering of loan modifications”.

But, the documents banks cooked up could be worth more to you than getting a modification or principal reduction.

A quagmire of legal shortcuts plagues lenders from cooked up paperwork for bankers to wrongfully take properties across America. To date. In addition to shoddy underwriting, there was wrongful securitization conduct in the blizzard of mortgages churned out to be offloaded to investors in the lending frenzy in the 2000s.

They can provide evidence to unwind the bank actions that took your properties wrongfully; and, your path to financial recovery.

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