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Sugar Addiction: Some Solutions

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Choice 1: Do you like sweet potato? Bake them until soft, let cool a bit and spoon out the cooked pototo and place in a bowl or in a saucepan if you're going to eat right away. Add a touch of (filtered) water, butter, a dash of cinnamin and nutmeg - and mash all together. This is a great snack for the afternoon - or you can have for breakfast. If it's not sweet enough for you, add a bit stevia and or pure maple syrup. If it's a high quality organic sweet potato, it might taste awesome without anything on it!

Choice 2: Chocolate Smoothie to Go
Melissa's Chocolate Fix
I use rice milk, coconut milk or organic 2% milk, protein powder, stevia and organic cocoa powder (no other additives in the cocoa) blended together when I need a snack or chocolate fix. I add a banana to thicken it. This drink relieves the chocolate cravings without addictive sugars.
1 scoop protein powder of your choice – I like Yarrow Vanilla or Natural Factors Vanilla
high quality whey protein. (vanilla flavor or plain)
8 oz. of either organic Rice Milk, Coconut Milk, or Skim or 2% milk
1 banana
1 TBS flax seed meal for fiber boost and Omega’s (optional)
Stevia, xylitol or raw honey to taste if desired.
Blend, pour and go. Or make in advance and store in a cooler or in the fridge at work.

This is so much better than stopping at the quikkie gas station and buying whatever crap food (or drink)tickles your fancy - or going into the freezer for ice cream. Yes?

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