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Traffic is the single biggest obstacle that most website owners face today. No traffic means NO sales! The website owner has two choices - advertise or fail...

Advertising on Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions can cost a significant amount of money. If you pay people to manage your campaigns, it can cost 2 to 3 time more and a significant amount of time if you try to manage these PPC campaigns yourself.

Why not solve both of these problems, saving time and money, with a more effective form of advertising - our VMA advertising program.

We have spent years developing our network of article writers, website owners, bookmarkers and article readers to create the this alliance (VMA) and can create a huge stream of targeted leads for your products and services with a small amount of money and no time investment from you.

How are Targeted Leads best generated?

Our system uses behavioral advertising - your ad is matched with what the reader is interested in. We also keep your ad from appearing more than once per website visitor - if visitors don't click on it the first time, we give another advertiser a chance. People flock to the VMA websites looking for useful and current information, and our readers (your targeted leads) see ads specific to their interests, and you get the most from each ad display.

What is the competition?

The 800 pound gorilla in online advertising programs today is Pay Per Click (PPC), but just as traditional advertising like newspaper, radio and television advertising has been displaced by PPC, PPC is being displaced by behavioral advertising. In fact, the IAB is projecting about a 60% increase in this form of advertising in 2011 with another bigger increase in 2012. It is definitely more effective and is replacing PPC.

What is PPC?

In case you are not familiar with it, with PPC you are not buying Advertising, you are bidding on advertising. Managing PPC yourself requires two significant time investments - learning how to use it effectively and actually managing the bidding process. Another option is to hire a professional to manage your advertising bids - this will increase your cost by 200% to 300% as you must hire a company or person with expertise in this area of advertising, and the actual cost of ads becomes a small percentage of what you are paying for. Is this really what you want?

What does PPC cost?

The average click in the PPC model will cost you $0.20 to $2.00 for less popular keywords, and the more popular keywords can cost you from $10 to $80 per click, plus any management fees or time that you invest into managing the bidding process yourself. In our opinion, $0.20 or more is way too much to spend on advertising. What do you think?

What does a click get me?

A click gets you exactly one visit to your website. Most courses on the web focus on how to get "organic" traffic from the search engines and social media sites. This equates to free traffic, but it is not free. There are several significant issues here, but the most significant is time. This generally requires 80 to 200+ hours per month to manage these "free advertising" campaigns properly, plus you need to learn how to do it - add another few months of full time learning to this, and mastery is yet another issue - you can spend 300+ hours trying to master this and still remain an amateur.

Do you want to run your business or become an advertising expert?

Our position is that most people want to focus on their businesses and not waste time learning how to spend time on advertising. Most social media courses are designed to teach you how to do this very thing - spend your valuable time saving money on advertising. The reality is that you can hire others to provide advertising for a fraction of the value of your time - don't waste your time doing what others will do for very small amounts.

How much is your time worth?

Can you imagine working for $0.10 to $1.00 per hour. That's about what you get for your time working in the social media sites. Think about it - what is your time really worth? Think about the value of leveraging your money to get the most effect for your dollar. Think about the ability to track every penny spent and the ability to evaluate your advertising and marketing efforts per penny spent. If you are thinking about spending time marketing yourself on the social media sites, or managing your own PPC campaigns, think about how much that is actually saving you and the actual value you are getting for your time!

What does the VMA advertising program offer?

We offer behavioral advertising to get your ad in front of the right audience. People that are interested in your product or service. We provide these ads for 1 to 3 cents per ad. These ads are displayed on most of the VMA websites in our network, they are matched to the themes of the websites and the behaviors of the visitors to these websites and your ads are displayed just once per visitor. This formula is generating business for us and our advertising customer, and costs a mere fraction of the cost of PPC.

Improving your ad effectiveness?

We capture significant statistics on every ad display including the website the ad was displayed on, the article the visitor was reading when the article was displayed, and the date/time when the ad was displayed. When you are buying thousands of ads for 1 to 3 cents each, this is significant and you can track what is working and when. Phone calls and/or significant traffic to your site is your proof that these campaigns work. How much business do you want?

Go to the Viral Marketing Alliance website to discover more about the most effective advertising investment that you can get for your advertising dollar.

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