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Neighborhood Advocates for Sustainability Through Local Farming

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Anyone can grow their own food in their condos, on their patios and in traditional victory (back yard) gardens. At one point in US history, victory gardens, promoted by first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, produced up to 40 percent of all the vegetable produce being consumed nationally. The food is healthy and this is primary motivation as more and more genetically modified fruits and vegetables food with pesticides is making its way into our bodies through ordinary groceries at local stores.

There is a growing interest in victory gardens. A grassroots campaign promoting such gardens has recently sprung up in the form of new victory gardens in public spaces, victory garden websites and blogs, as well as petitions to both renew a national campaign for the victory garden and to encourage the re-establishment of a victory garden on the White House lawn. In March 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama, planted an 1,100-square-foot "Kitchen Garden" on the White House lawn, the first since Eleanor's, to raise awareness about healthy food.

Neighborhood Advocates is a community-based project designed to encourage people to grow their own food using the many newly developed and long established farming technologies and techniques. Our mission is sustainability and decentralization of our food supply to make it less vulnerable to disease and healthier for human consumption.

The use of Aquoponics and green houses is an efficient way to implement growing solutions that anyone can implement in a small area or on a large scale. In our partnership with New Aquaponics, we are providing education programs and consulting to bring this to your community. We also have a focus on energy solutions for individuals and communities with the same concern for decentralization of the power grid and self-reliance.

We provide support for community groups that want to build projects within their communities for the betterment of all. Different roles from growing to delivery in a local food system can be mutually complementary and we provide easily adaptable systems that allow anyone and everyone to participate and benefit. Creating a secure, healthy and stable food supply for community members, plus exportable products for markets outside the community raising the quality of life for everyone.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Planning and Education
  • Developing a Market
  • Connecting Communities
  • Event Planning
  • Management and Marketing Technologies
  • Developing Additional Revenue Models

Most farmers are reliant on the demands of government policy to make unhealthy and unsustainable systems. We provide a plan for a sustainable and profitable future in farming that creates a conscious and committed relationship between the producer and consumer. Educating people about agriculture and fostering positive social change can be part of your mission too!

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