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Chamber Advocates is dedicated to developing on-line communities around your local Chamber of Commerce. We provide websites, blogging systems and email marketing systems to Chamber members and build teams within your Chamber's community. And if there is no referral-marketing site in your area, we will work with you to create one to support your local Chamber of Commerce or Business Association.

  • Better Business Practices Through Training and Chamber Participation
  • Global Exposure for Chambers
  • Relationship Building With Technology
  • Providing Internationally Acclaimed Expert Speakers

Our Mission is to support people that value face-to-face networking in their local and exclusive communities. We are building a site to engage those interested in participating in a conversation on the value of Chambers and how to work within their infrastructures effectively. We also provide Chambers with the business intelligence needed to build more effective services for their members. The net result is a higher retention rate and increased membership for the Chambers.

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