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Traffic Builder for Parked Domains - Building Traffic and Generating Sales!

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If you have Parked Domains, Then you can Build a
Raging River of Internet Traffic using our Traffic Builder.

  • Easily Build Huge Amounts of Traffic with Your Parked Domains.
  • Interlink Your Parked Sites and Social Media Profiles to Increase Your Traffic and Fine-Tune Your Brand.
  • Use Your Content to Spread¬† Your Message All Over the Internet.
  • Test and Re-Test Your Content Copy and Search Engine Optimization Techniques.
  • Post Ads on Your Sites for Your Customers - Earn Extra Revenue.
  • Get Side-By-Side Reports on Traffic Generated from All Your Domains.
  • Host All Your Parked Sites for One Low Price.
  • Sell Your Developed Micro Sites for Thousands of Dollars.

 If you answer YES to any of the following questions, our Traffic Builder Tool is for you!

  • Do you have unused Domain Names sitting on sites like GoDaddy building no value and not generating sales?
  • Are you waiting to develop a website because you can't justify the high cost of hosting multiple websites?
  • Do you want to register a set of domains, but don't have time to build multiple web sites for them?
  • Do you want a way to test and re-test your meta data?
  • Do want an easy way to build websites without having learning HTML?

You could be building real value right now and running your own ads with the Traffic Builder Site, which allows you to:

  • Point your domains on this site.
  • Easily manage the meta data associated with each domain.
  • Build a landing page for each domain.
  • Interlink your domains.
  • Post ads within your domains.
  • Build value and traffic for multiple domains.

The Traffic Builder Tool also great for SEO experts that want a simple tool to evaluate meta data effectiveness.

  • Get side-by-side domain reporting on visitors per domain.
  • Get side-by-side ad reporting on views per ad.
  • Get side-by-side ad reporting on clicks per ad.
  • Get full reporting on visitors per article.

We also provide meta data strategies using the latest Seach Engine Optmization techniques and considerations.

Next Step Considerations:
  • Do I want to build my own SEO strategy and enter the data?
  • Do I want to build my own SEO strategy and have someone else to enter the data?
  • Do I want someone else to build my own SEO strategy and enter the data?

Our education programs start with an Entrepreneur Assessment (click here), where you get an instant evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. If you invest 10 minutes into this, we will provide a free consultation with an assigned mentor. The assessment also helps the mentor communicate with you better.

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