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Earn Money Bookmarking Articles! - A New Work At Home Opportunity

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This is really a "work from anywhere doing what you normally do" opportunity. The new Viral Marketing Alliance (VMA) platform allows anyone to register, log in and collect articles on his or her "Bookmarker" page. This is useful in itself in that "Bookmarkers" (readers that bookmark articles) can collect and share their favorite articles, or help promote themselves and the articles by adding comment or sharing them on any of 300+ other social media websites. Now the VMA bookmarking system adds a new dimension - this type of activity can now earn you money!

What is the VMA?

The VMA is an alliance of VMA website owners, article writers and article readers that share articles through all of the VMA websites.

  • VMA Website Owners: The owners benefit from having their ads and information on every page of their VMA websites. Readers can find thousands of articles on these websites - owners don't have to write articles, although most do. The system attracts readers, which are their targeted leads for the owner and these leads can be converted on every page into prospects and customers.
  • Article Writers: The writers benefit from being able to provide details on their projects. Writers can put links throughout each article to promote these projects. Articles submitted can show up on every VMA website through an automated syndicated system that provide articles relevant to what the reader is currently reading. We use an advanced keyword matching strategy that provides new information for the reader based on what the readers is currently reading. This keeps readers on the VMA site!
  • Readers: Readers get a huge resource of valuable information and we have watched the readership grow significantly as the number of articles in our system grows.

So How Do I Make Money?

Readers can register or log into any VMA website and begin bookmarking the articles they like. It doesn't sound like much, but that is really all there is to it - except for one thing. By default, the "Get Paid!" setting is set by default to "No.." and has to be changed to "Yes!" This is optional because we would rather write a few large checks each month instead of a lot of small checks. If you show enough interested to take this extra step, then we are glad to have you on our sales team as "referral agents" and only people like you will get access to the additional income opportunities we have planned!

Once you get into this exclusive club, bookmarking articles creates a huge sales funnel and can generate an additional income source for you. Other readers that like to dig through the bookmarks will be attracted to the high amount of activity on your bookmarker page and some will fill out the inquiry form they find there from your bookmarker page. This inquiry page is available on every VMA website and the every bookmark and comment you add increases the number of pointers back to your inquiry form time the number of VMA websites we have in the system.

The inquiry form provides a wide variety of services available directly from Net-Teams, the technology and business development firm that built the VMA system. When someone fills out that inquiry form, the system tracks the bookmarker that provided the referral and sends him or her an email with the name of the person referred. We do this so you can track the number of leads your page sends us - there is no guess work here - when you see the leads coming in, you know we should be making sales and that you should expect a check soon!

How Much Can I Earn?

If an inquiry ends up as a sale, the bookmarker earns a referral fee based on 5% of anything that customer buys. This referral fee can result in amounts upwards of 100's to 1,000's of dollars per customer per year! Also, if a bookmarker wants to take a more active role in sales, there are plenty of opportunities in our organization, and this is just the first step. We have a company-wide commission structure paid on every sale that comes in. It works like this:

  1. 5% for referrals (this program covers just this part)
  2. 5% for nurturing the sale (this is the next opportunity for successful referral agents)
  3. 5% for closing the sale (this is the next opportunity for successful nurturing agents)
  4. 5% for customer service (this is the next opportunity for successful closers)

The VMA architecture provides a rock solid way to share this referral fee with our family of registered bookmarkers in a way that requires no extra work on their part, and for those that find its potential, we provide additional opportunities to earn even more income.

How Can I Maximize My Referral Income?

One of the strategies that works best is to bookmark and add comments to as many articles as you can. Bookmarking is as easy as clicking the "Bookmark Me" link at the top of any article. Commenting takes a little more time, but provides more potential traffic to your bookmarker page (and your Inquiry form). Comments are 100 words or less and should answer the question "What did I get out of this article?"

I will have more on this soon, so stay tuned!


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