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A Sugar Addict's Short Story with Related Issues

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Brain fog, lack of mental clarity, fuzzy brain function, lack of mental focus, and feeling spacey are all conditions I used to experience on a daily basis. I was obsessed with when my next sugar fix was, and rarely allowed myself a bowl of ice cream; I just had a spoon handy and went to the freezer 15 times for a spoon filled “taste”.

After many years of plotting to end my bad habits on Sunday night and get “over” this issue I had a near fatal car accident with an 18 wheeler in an intersection. I heard the “call” quite clearly, “Your sugar habit has got to go, and so does the Yeast overgrowth that creates all the spacey brain function, muscle and joint pain and various cravings.” I wanted to do whatever I could to feel more grounded and focused after this life changing trauma. (Thankfully I wasn’t hurt seriously and was able to get myself back together with regular visits with my chiropractor.) I was sick and tired of feeling awful.

This experience was about 10 years ago. For most of this time, I have been living without addictive sugars in my diet, have minimized my use of alcohol to two or three drinks a week, eat 80% organic whole food, drink filtered water, and have more energy than I did when I was twenty five. (I’m now in my 50’s.) I have had recurring problems with Candida periodically, but for the most part it’s been totally gone. Now with the help of a strong homeopathic, people can overcome this without too much difficulty IF they’re willing to make dietary lifestyle changes.

I love teaching others about what I use to satisfy my sweet tooth and how to stop the cravings for health robbing, sugary snacks.

Here’s one recipe (with some variations) that I use often to help me feel great first thing in the morning:

First, once I get up, I try to remember to have a full glass of pure filtered water; I go onto my satisfying protein drink next (or when my appetite presents itself). See below:

High Energy Smoothie To Go
1 scoop protein powder of your choice – I like the Yarrow brand Vanilla flavor
or other high quality whey, or hemp or pea protein. (Vanilla flavor or plain)
8 oz. of either organic rice, coconut milk, or skim or 2% milk = always organic
1 banana
1/3 cup frozen raspberries (optional)
1/3 cup frozen blueberries (optional)
1/3 to 1 tbsp organic bee pollen for energy
1 TBS flax seed meal for fiber boost and Omega 3’s (optional)
stevia, raw honey or rice syrup to taste if desired
Blend, pour and go.
Try different combinations. If you're willing, add baby barley grass powder or extract...or a green superfood combo from the health food store.
Note: The highest quality ingredients are desired. Other variations of fruit are encouraged. Examples: frozen pineapple, frozen peaches, or strawberries – organic is the best of course. Non organic fruit usually has lots of chemicals in it and on it and the growers are not supporting a sustainable healthy planet.

Chocolate Fix Smoothie
I also use 1 cup rice milk, coconut milk or milk, a scoop of protein powder, stevia and organic cocoa powder (no other additives in the cocoa) blended together when I need a quick snack or chocolate fix. Adding a banana or frozen banana slices makes it nice and thick.

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