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World Cup Betting Update

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For many years there has been an argument in sports circles regarding the partaking in sexual activity prior to and leading up to a game, match or prize fight. I mean even in the movie Rocky 1 the Italian Stallion had to say “Yo Adrian no fooling around” the night before he met Apollo Creed in the square circle.

Word has come out of the Ukraine soccer camp that coach Oleg Blokhin has decided to use the promise of sex for his players if they reach the semi finals. Ukraine, playing in their first World Cup finals, have been drawn in Group H, along with Spain, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia!

My take on this is that if Ukraine stuns the soccer world by getting that far, why you would give the boys a reward, rather then hold off until they win the grand prize. Most coaches think that depriving players of their personal freedom gives them a soldier mentality and keeps that “eye of the tiger” mentality.

The World Cup kicks off on June 9.

Veteran Japan midfielder Hidetoshi Nakata on the other hand is concerned that his young Japan team is not properly focused, prior to their friendly with Germany.

Japan is coached by Brazilian legend Zico and 11 members of Japan's 23-strong squad were veterans of the 2002 World Cup finals on home soil, Nakata said only four struggled through France 1998 when Japan made a winless, one-goal debut on the big stage.

Without the advantage of home field and the support of millions of Asian fans, I look for Japan to get bounced early.

I know we encourage our young adults to speak their mind and make a difference in our society, but I’m not sure that officials at Bangladesh University are teaching students, to burn property in the street, when they have a demand. Seems like several students in the one of fifteen dormitories on campus, were unhappy with the quality of the two television sets in the lounge area and decided to throw them in the street and ignite them. This was their way of displaying their anger, as the country awaits the beginning of the World Cup.

Meanwhile French fans are optimistic about their squad’s chances, even though defending champions in 2002, France disappeared from the tournament in the first round without winning a match or scoring a goal.

But the opinion poll carried out by L'Equipe newspaper found that French fans were optimistic over how Zinedine Zidane and his team-mates will perform in Germany where they are grouped with Switzerland, Togo and South Korea.

The poll showed that 51 percent of fans thought that their side would reach at least the semi-finals, while 15 percent said they would go all the way and win it as they did in 1998.

There was good news too for the embattled Domenech with 68 percent of fans saying they had full confidence in him and only 19 percent saying the opposite.

On whether the team was dependent on Real Madrid playmaker Zinedine Zidane, French fans were split with 45 percent saying it was and 48 percent saying it was not.

Bob Acton

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