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Viral Marketing Alliance - If You Do Not Seek Out Alliances, Then You Will Be Isolated And Weak!

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The title of this article includes a quote from Sun Tzu’s "The Art of War" - "If You Do Not Seek Out Alliances, Then You Will Be Isolated And Weak!" - it is very applicable to what is going on right now on the Internet. Big business is taking over and the little guys are being pushed out by big money.

So, how do you compete with the big boys that run national advertising campaigns worth millions of dollars?

The answer is actually quite simple - pull the individual drawing power of many independent marketers together to automatically increase their web presence in huge numbers. Imagine the power of many, versus the power of just one.

Introducing the Viral Marketing Alliance (VMA)!

The VMA has been designed to create a
huge network that brings you traffic, income,  sales, and free advertising automatically. It helps marketers come together through a unique and powerful content sharing system. Our custom software automatically adjusts your Internet web presence to match what the search engines and social media sites require for preferred treatment. You don't have to be a 800 pound gorilla to have huge muscle - you just have to look like one - perception is everything. This is key to getting your content ranked high on the search engines. It also attracts large numbers of content hungry people seeking out exactly what you have to offer.

One of our inspirations is Albert Einstein. We always dreamed of a unifying system for marketing, like Albert's unifying Theory Of Everything.

Einstein This is it!

A system that creates enormous organic targeted traffic, is affordable to the average marketer, is automated, and works with little or no effort required on the part of the marketer. We use the natural laws of attraction and the power of many.

We finally merged our most powerful custom stand-alone marketing tools so they seamlessly work together to create an explosion of marketing power much greater than the sum of their individual powers.

This is Viral Marketing at its BEST!

To learn how you can benefit from this ground breaking system, we have more details posted at:

We also offer free teleseminars on this powerful strategy for VMA website owners that want to take a proactive approach to building their sales funnels!

If you are looking for more traffic, targeted leads, prospects and customers for your business or project, join us today!

Click for Details --> Join The VMA! <--

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