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Building Your Alliance Wall With The Viral Marketing Alliance - Surrounding The Competition

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There is a quote from Sun Tzu’s "The Art of War" that preaches perfection in defensive posturing - "if the bulwark (wall) is complete at all points, the State will be strong; if it is defective, the State will be weak." Many use this quote to suggest that the bulwalk or wall is your alliance. Our point is simply that combining forces into a powerful web presence allows anyone to compete with the big boys! Perfection is our model, and it brings you targeted traffic, income, sales, and free advertising automatically!

This is how you can compete using the Sun Tzu strategy. We pull the individual drawing power of article readers, article writers and website owners together to increase everyone's web presence in huge numbers. Imagine the power of many, versus the power of just one.

Imagine having access to thousands of articles that give your website depth and keep article readers (your leads) coming to your site. The VMA has been designed to help marketers come together through a unique and powerful content sharing system, also known as content syndication. It allows your content to show up on other VMA websites through keyword matching systems. This keeps VMA websites “relevant” and is key getting your content ranked high on the search engines. It also attracts large numbers of content hungry people seeking out exactly what you have to offer.

How does it work?

For the seasoned veteran, this will be old news, so bear with me while I cover the basics.

Successful marketing on the web requires:

  1. A salable product or idea
  2. A fully branded website
  3. A way to capture leads (usually an opt-in form or phone call)
  4. An irresistible offer (free eBook or information)
  5. Targeted Leads and Traffic for the website

The VMA is primarily focused on the creation of targeted leads and generating traffic through content sharing, which is the area where most people get stuck. We accomplish this in several powerful ways – article syndication, social bookmarker pages, “Relevance” - Google’s favorite word, social media sharing, article searches and author pages - all of this provides a powerful interlinking strategy that gets every VMA website ranked higher in the search engines.

What is Relevance and Interlinking?

Relevance - New and fresh information associated with each article being read. We achieve this through new articles and updated articles in the system. At any given moment, the associated articles can change - this creates relevance.
Interlinking is In-bound and out-bound links between websites - when websites are interlinked and interconnected, this gives each website more credibility and higher rankings with the search engines - the more the better, provided they provide some sort of relevance.

How does article syndication work?

Every time someone finds an article on your VMA website, it creates a new statistic in the article syndication report at the bottom of the article, which shows all of the websites where it was syndicated and how many visits to the article were generated on that website.

In this screen capture, you can see when the article was published (see Times read since...), which was four days ago. It is already getting wide-spread exposure through other VMA websites. The article also has other links throughout article as placed by the author, which helps with search engine rankings for those websites and web pages.

Currently, we have over 100 websites in our system that syndicate web content in this way. The simple action of just one reader finding one article on your VMA website immediately creates 100+ potential in-bound links back to your VMA website. It does this by adding your site to the syndication stats at the bottom of the article, and this article can now be displayed on the other 100+ VMA websites in our system. In other words, when someone finds an article on your VMA website for the first time, it creates this syndication link on that article permanently, which links back to your website! As the number of VMA websites increases, so does the potential number of back links received through the single action of a reader finding a new article on your website!

Imagine 1,000 articles found on your VMA site – that’s 100,000 potential in-bound links generated from our system (1,000 articles that can be found on 100 other VMA websites). Also, as we grow our network of VMA websites, these numbers increase and the power of the alliance grows. Through the simple act of website visitors finding articles on your VMA site, they are creating permanent virtual billboards that lead back to your branded messages and information.

This is just one of many ways that this technology builds brand awareness for you. There are a number of other features that help generate traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) for your VMA website. The next article covers more ways that the VMA can help your business compete against those deep pocket firms.

To learn how you can benefit from this ground breaking system, we have more details posted at:

We also offer free teleseminars on this powerful strategy for VMA website owners that want to take a proactive approach to building their sales funnels!

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