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Certified Affiliate Marketing - Set Your Program Apart From The Rest!

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When you offer an affiliate program, you are creating an opportunity that nets you an unlimited number of sales personnel and leads based on your affiliates sending you traffic. But there are 10's of thousands of affiliate programs available, so how can you set your program apart from all the others? Getting your Affiliate Marketing program certified through the Certified Affiliate Marketing program let's your affiliates know that you are serious about paying them and puts your program at the top of the list for affiliate marketing programs that people will want to sign up for.

Significantly Increase Your Sales Personnel as an Affiliate Provider!

Affiliate Provider Software: PowerSys
Generating Reseller Plans That Make Affiliates Want to Sell For You

We will set up a reseller plan for your organization and provide a website that allows affiliates to register and be able to audit their efforts to generate sales for your business. This builds loyalty and allows affiliates to help you with every aspect of the sales process - this is not just a referral program. You can certify the the referral, nurturing, closing and customer service aspects of your sale process and bring any affiliate into one or more of these functions.

You can develop a huge number of affiliates by providing what no other program offers - a fully auditable system so they an track the people they refer to you at every step of your sales process. We are currently charging $1,999 to set this up, and it usually takes about 4 weeks to learn how you sell and create a system around that. The initial version of the site is generally set up within 1 week - please allow 3 weeks to add the custom functionality that fits your needs.

Here is the stepped sales process I teach through our affiliate marketing auditor service:

  1. Affiliate Referrals: You and your affiliates can check the number of qualified leads captured and track the number of visits per qualified leads generated by each affiliate.
  2. Nurturing: If you certify your referral partners (affiliates) into your nurturing process, you can give them access to the accounts in the system to let them do their work. We recommend you provide and extra financial incentive for this extra work.
  3. Closing: If you certify your referral partners (affiliates) into your closing process, you can get them to close sales on the qualified leads they generate for you. We recommend you provide and extra financial incentive for this extra work.
  4. Customer Service: This can be something as simple as making proactive calls to customers that your referral partners close for you to make sure they are happy with the service you provide. These call also provide an up sell opportunity for your referral partners that are providing this customer service for you.

It is important to understand that this process is stepped, which means that although referral partners can provide referrals by doing something as simple as putting a link on their websites, each additional sales function requires training and requires the one before. I teach relationship selling. This means that you have a dedicated representative for each customer, and if you do all the closing and customer service, you can still have others do the first two steps here. Also, when your sales process is refined, you may want to train internal staff so that each person on your staff handles just one aspect of the sales process - nurturing, closing OR customer service. This is how large companies do it, and it allows you to specialize your work force.


Another Service To Generate Targeted Leads - The New Word Of Mouth!

Social Media Advertising: From eWorkshop Courses!
Generate Targeted Leads to your Content
- This has details on how the program works. Also, when you are ready to get started, there is a $99 deposit required and the balance due prior to launch. It usually takes just a few days to review and prepare the page that we will promote. The current charge for social media advertising is $1,199 for customers that host their content with us, and $1,799 for those that don't. If you load the web page content you want to promote onto our free blogging system Article Advocates, that will save you $600.

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